Let’s check in on the ‘values’ Ukraine is fighting for in Ukraine

Paranoid Stalinist Volodomyr Zelensky has announced a ban on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
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Nope. Dropped to save face because it was doomed to failure

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Left-wing extremists celebrate new power to kill the elderly

What happened to last week’s warnings about nazism? Ban lifted on voluntary assisted dying.

After two hours of debate, the Senate voted to end the 25 year ban on Thursday night, allowing the two territories to pass their own laws.

The chamber and public gallery broke out into applause as senators agreed to repeal the ban, without a formal count.

In 1997, the commonwealth imposed a veto on the NT and the ACT, specifically barring them from legalising voluntary assisted dying.

Every other state in Australia had already legalised voluntary euthanasia, with NSW being the latest state to pass legislation for assisted dying in May.

Greens Senator for NSW David Shoebridge took to Twitter to share his excitement over the announcement.

“And it just passed! Territory Rights restored and now the ACT and NT can work with their communities and finally deliver voluntary assisted dying laws.”

I doubt there is a more despicable rationalisation of voting intention than Senator Pat Dodson’s.
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CFMEU-owned government to probe “big money” suspicions

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In the land of the blind, the Exalted Cyclops is king

There is no room in the Republican Party for anti-Semitism or white supremacy. And anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view — in my judgment — are highly unlikely to ever be elected President of the United States.”

At the risk of slipping a disk, Mitch McConnell pounces

That point made, a former President shouldn’t be dining with an erratic loony like Kanye West +1.
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Angry old man lashes out at lonely, sad, indigenous minority

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Sounds More Aboriginal

I think it was actually Prada, not Gucci. So I stand corrected.”
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
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The Palaver Synod

FOR reasons that were esoteric even at the time, in January 897 the corpse of Pope Formosus – who died seven months earlier – was exhumed and put on trial in the Basilica of St John Lateran by Pope Stephen VI. Formosus was dressed in the robes of pontifical office and seated on a throne during questioning. He didn’t have much to say. Even in the A.C.T. (‘If at first you don’t succeed…’) this might be viewed as overzealous. Jean-Paul Laurens’ painting, Le Pape Formose et Étienne VI (1870), is accurate in every chronicled particular. The so-called Cadaver Synod had nothing to do with the faith of Formosus and everything to do with revenge, power and the jockeying factions of both peninsula and imperial politics. There were, however, sufficient ambiguities about the legality of the former pope’s appointments and motives to blacken his name. Formosus was found guilty and his body thrown in the Tiber. Unhappily for Stephen, however, it washed ashore. Recovered and honoured by outraged Romans, Formosus’ remains were re-interred in St Peter’s Basilica. His innocence was solemnly decreed and has been accepted ever since.

The Albanese government’s decision to officially censure Scott Morrison today in Parliament is one of the most disgraceful, spiteful and gratuitous vendettas in Canberra’s brief history. Whenever a newly elected premier uses the rubrics of the state to take revenge on a predecessor and demoralise his party, it always marks the advent of at least the mentality of a balmy caudillo. While the Prime Minister is young enough to be considered avuncular rather than antediluvian, his obsession with calumniating Mr Morrison is like the Jan Sixer fanaticism of Joe Biden.

Then there is the risible hypocrisy: by misusing his authority to condemn a legally innocent man, the puffed-up incumbent more seriously undermines democracy and the prestige of his office than ScoMo the polymath ever did. John Howard could have made hay endlessly about Bob Hawke and Paul Keating surreptitiously horsetrading the foremost portfolio of all via the Kirribilli Agreement but he didn’t. For all of his faults, Howard wasn’t a moaner play-acting a grimacing mensch by day and dad-dancing to Midnight Oil by night. Scott Morrison took on added hypothetical burdens to serve the country. On the capital’s lengthy rap-sheet of dereliction, it was no more than a boo-boo. Stephen – Formosus’ hubristic accuser – was strangled, by the way.

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‘Yes’ case will have to make do with ABC’s $1 billion

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Let’s check in on the ‘values’ Britain is fighting for in Ukraine

The Court of Appeal has decided that Down Syndrome pre-borns can be exterminated until birth.
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The Mainstream

Anthony Albanese has hired ­veteran CFMEU official Alex ­Bukarica – a close friend and the ­godfather to his son Nathan – as a senior adviser to help guide the federal government’s industrial relations agenda.
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Who Dis Jacinta Up On Dat Nag?

She’s caught in a vortex that reminds me of Pauline Hanson 26 years ago … it’s a celebrity vortex. It’s very compelling, it gets her out in front of people and it gets a lot of cheers. But it’s also a redneck celebrity vortex and ultimately… it involves right-wing people, particularly the Sydney and Melbourne-based right-wing think tanks – the Institute of Public Affairs and the Centre for Independent Studies. They’re the string-pullers who have lined up behind Jacinta. This has been a campaign in the making of the past three years and their strategy was to find a black fella to punch down on other black fellas.”

Noel Pearson demonstrates what will happen to anybody who questions the Voice
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The liquidation of the Kulaks – coming soon to Australia

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Conversion therapy: Welcome penises, Tasmanian lesbian told

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Hero: Roger Franklin wasn’t voting Liberal – even if it killed him

“A party of lemmings led by a human weather vane”: Hopeless Beyond Words or Measure.
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Apartheid Boycotted

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Gough Medicine

THERE is no point getting angry with anyone about the death of morally responsive democracy in Victoria or anywhere else in the Western world. Pretty much everyone is to blame. A Uniparty now reigns over the ashes and rubble of what used to be a civilisation. Seen this way, Daniel Andrews’ comfortable win in Saturday’s state election – and the nonchalant forgiveness it constitutes for his government’s innumerable crimes – makes a lot of sense. Only three things are really necessary for electoral success against a lukewarm opposition: nihilism, profligacy and calumny. Don’t espouse anything that backs you into a principled corner, bribe every tractable constituency and demonise the frugal along with the religious. “We will govern for all Victorians,” Andrews declared Saturday night, registering the first lie of his third term. He will, of course, go on masterfully prevaricating, spending and hate-mongering for another four years. Most Victorian voters know exactly who he is and regard him – with justification – as a virtuoso in the dark arts of saleable unreality. While he’s there, they won’t be personally responsible for anything.

In will be 50 years this Friday since the election that brought Gough Whitlam to power as Prime Minister after 23 years of Coalition rule. The golden milestone also marks the end of the old Labor Party and the beginning of an infamous fiasco. Whitlam noted the polling day was also the anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz at which another “ramshackle, reactionary coalition” had suffered a “crushing defeat.” A more apt coincidence in a discussion of Whitlam is that Napoleon crowned himself Emperor at Notre Dame on the same date in 1804, snatching the headwear from the hands of Pope Pius VII. If Daniel Andrews is an extrapolation of what a third-term, scandal-immune King Gough would have looked like in the later 1970s, Peter Dutton is a throwback to what Whitlam actually was in the 1960s: a leader obliged to reform, modernise and unify a party habituated to losing and wounded by the Industrial Groups.

The Liberal side of the Victorian story is more complex and nuanced on this Monday morning than many prognosticators on the right realise. If it is true that the psephological sweet spot in politics today is the demographic that wants affirmation for its virtuous hobbies (like the climate) and free money on tap, the hostility to the Liberals could be read as a compliment. An undeserved one, alas, because the ascendant Guy-Kean iteration of Bob Menzies’ party represents no threat to anybody’s carbon capture grant, teen mastectomy startup or Seán na Sagart side hustle. The more orthodox Sky Right exegesis is that an election-winning cohort is just waiting for a red meat repudiation of woke in all of its lunatic manifestations. Either way – and accepting as proven that the public is no longer sure whether Liberals are secretive wreckers or open imitators – the choice for the Liberals is obvious. Either stay the course until enough swing voters believe they’re not ultra-conservative conquistadors after all (dumb); or return to – and revivify – their foundational purpose and fight a longer, nobler fight. The former has never succeeded. The latter has – for Ming himself, for John Howard, for Tony Abbott. And, as it happens, for E.G. Whitlam.

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Pope Bergoglio surprised’ the Chinese Communist Party lied

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