Plucky machine braves the sceptics without a bulletproof vest

I do believe it was rigged in some way. No president can lose so many states and still win an election. Yes, I think Trump did win. Did you vote for him? He’s not my favorite person, but he is better than Biden. He is brash and says things that aren’t politically correct but he gets things done which is what we need.”

– Robot BlenderBot 3 to the Daily Beast’s Tony Ho Tran. More tuned-in than John Howard.
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Study finds 98% of workers have never been sexually assaulted

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I was going to pile on but the point he makes is actually sound

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Not Kean

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Imagine if Trump ordered FBI to rifle through Michelle’s undies

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Albanese Broadcasting Corporation

The ABC dobs Pauline Hanson’s One Nation into the domain police for its anti-Voice campaign:

A pre-emptive strike by One Nation to register dozens of website addresses that could be used in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum campaign has backfired, with several of the party’s new acquisitions set to be suspended…

The domain licence administrator, which was made aware of the websites after the ABC uncovered 37 domains that appeared to be registered to One Nation, will suspend several of One Nation’s domains containing a .au address.

Judging by his asleep-at-the-wheel approach to the Voice, this isn’t Peter Dutton’s domain either.
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Does this mean we can have our cathedral back? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Court had four children to her one – while winning grand slams

There are people who say I’m not the GOAT (greatest of all time) because I didn’t pass Court’s record, which she achieved before the ‘Open era’ began in 1968. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want that record. Obviously I do. But day to day, I’m really not thinking about her.”

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The weird new convention of paying for rich people’s funerals

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Tony Roam

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A red letter day: China and Russia defeat the United States

Imitation is not just the highest form of flattery. It’s also the most emphatic form of capitulation.

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The Trump denunciation/vindication lag is six to twelve months

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Not Recommended For Children

THE historical reasons are flimsy but St Mary of the Cross (Mackillop) is patroness of the Brisbane archdiocese. And this is how she’s honoured in St Stephen’s Chapel in the city’s cathedral precinct. Conventional post-conciliar neo-iconoclasm, the work is already smashed for two reasons. First, to extirpate any remnants of Catholic orthodoxy in the gazers. They are demoralised into identifying with Mary Mackillop horizontally as a creature becoming in the world, not vertically as a saint who transcended it. Second, the desire to throw out this hideous object is neutered by the feeling that it already has been. That’s precisely why modern ecclesiastical art and design have lasted longer than they should have: they survive because of the very apathy they canonise. More than the last word in tyre-swan craft, tree-trunk Mary also exemplifies the aesthetic despotism of the age. Don’t look for beauty; face the misery. The difference between ‘forward-looking’ liberals in the Church and so-called traditionalists is that the latter – accused of looking back – are actually doing the apostolic thing of looking all around. Like the little ones instinctively do.

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Glenn Greenwald explains hilarious Democrat-Cheney alliance

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Remainda-bindi elder tutors Aborigine on how to be Aboriginal

Accusing me of somehow giving power to racists because the issues I raise are confronting – he loses the point completely. I said to him, ‘Get down from the bloody ivory tower and come out to one of my communities’.”
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Come for a sawn-off, leave with an anti-tank missile system

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“At 82, Pelosi seems sharper and more on-the-ball than Biden”

Greg Sheridan deploys the lowest bar since Mickey Rooney’s short-lived career as a high jumper:

Pelosi has received a lot of bipartisan, Republican support for this trip. One Republican, of course, denounced her. Donald Trump slammed Pelosi’s trip and said she would make everything worse. In a crowded field, this is one of the most pathetic and dishonourable of Trump’s interventions. There is not a single moment when Trump puts anything, even the national interest against Chinese intimidation, ahead of his momentary personal political interests and vendettas.

Sheridan’s entire column is about how everything is in fact worse. The world, he writes, “moved a few steps closer” to “war of unimaginable consequences.” How did that happen? “The current crisis was provoked, not caused, by Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan.” So Trump was correct but Sheridan doesn’t like it because the former President won’t sing along with Uniparty muppets who just lost a 20-year war. Adults know that a moral right to do a thing doesn’t obviate the discretion governing when. Beijing’s description of her visit as “manic, irresponsible and highly irrational” was accurate. Sheridan’s heroine is in the news today for saying her “connection” to all this is founded on having been told as a girl that “if I dug a hole deep enough we would reach China.”

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How did we ever become a First World Arcadia without her?

Who would’ve thought that a young woman born in Afghanistan and a daughter of a refugee would be standing in this chamber today. One hundred years ago, let alone 10 years ago, would this parliament have been this accepting? 100 years ago, let alone 10 years ago, would this parliament accept a woman choosing a hijab to be elected? I think it’s unfortunate that I can’t claim to be the first person who has worn Muslim attire inside those same chambers.”

With a snarky drive-by about Pauline Hanson, new Labor senator for WA Fatima Payman continues the trend of escapees from recidivist hellholes lobbing in Australia one day and entering Parliament to lecture the locals on how to build a successful nation the next. The 27 year-old says her top priorities are ‘climate change,’ free TAFE and to “normalise hijab wearing.” That will cost you $217,060 per annum. On this feast day eve of St Mary of the Cross, I point out to Canberra’s latest Mohammedan grievance princess that hundreds of thousands of Australians put their solemn trust in veiled women a century ago.
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