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The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” Kamala Harris
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The Queen’s Obsequies

Tradition is the latest thing but only the upper case variety can unite and heal Western culture

GIVEN that no pope has ever attended the funeral of an English monarch, the current successor of Saint Peter and Vicar of Christ – whose commission is a millennium and a half older than the post-Henrician oaths and undertakings sworn by the late Queen Elizabeth II – offended nobody by not joining other world leaders in Westminster Abbey last Monday. Popes do not attend the funerals of presidents, prime ministers or even sovereigns. Which is a uniquely lamentable pity at this time in history. As the world watched, impressed and enthralled by the formalities, many Catholic lovers of the Vetus Ordo Mass must have been sighing over stupidly squandered opportunities. A liturgy recognisable to my parents’ generation and already a thousand years old when St Peter’s Abbey at Westminster was built (to use its correct name), the ancient Mass was restricted last year by the same Pope Francis to the point of interdiction. In an apostolic letter gas-lit with the sick joke title Traditionis custodes (Guardians of Tradition), the Argentinian Yosemite Sam who hunts orthodox Catholics like so many Bugs Bunnies made the epically foolish decision that there was no spiritual market for hallowed ways. Only a communist could be so dumb.

There are layers of irony and paradox here far thicker than the Pope’s sour decree but, whether a communist or not, his liturgical iconoclasm wasn’t inspired by Marx or Lenin. The ogre who ordered the massacre of the Romanovs to deny the Whites any “live banner to rally around” would, however, recognise his intent. Alarmed by the popularity of the old Mass, Francis wants to obliterate it from history and memory. After the triumph of royal tradition in the UK, this makes the current pope of Rome akin to King Henry VIII and the current King of England akin to Pope Paul III. Nobody saw that role reversal coming. But can gorgeous uniforms, shimmering helmets and equine arrayal replace spirituality? No. Will they inspire a revival of Christian orthodoxy after the dung on the Mall is hosed away? No. Peter Hitchens argues the Queen’s funeral was meaningless to most. “A largely Godless establishment had to sit through the beautiful, severe solemnities – which the Queen loved and they either loathe or simply don’t understand.”

Anyone who has studied the history of the Eastern Orthodox and the Great Schism will know that ‘Byzantine’ has earned its right to be an adjective for maddening complexity. Arguably, you cannot understand Vladimir Putin if you do not understand ‘filioque’. (As far as I know, this f-word hasn’t been mentioned in any of the hundreds of hot, delving takes on the Russian mind). If ‘Anglican’, by contrast, still evokes a notion at all it would be something between elegant restraint and contented befuddlement. Of its beauties and traditions – which are really the vestiges of merrie old Catholic England (but denuded of the sacraments they formerly conveyed) – nobody in our time has written more sublimely than Hitchens. His 2016 panegyric, A Church That Was, is a masterpiece. And yet none of its more than 3000 words on “the beauty of holiness” are “Jesus” or “Christ.” In a country where anti-Catholicism remains institutionally ingrained, high churchmen are still class conscious and scaffold-shy of ‘enthusiasm.’ Aesthetics are much safer.

We loved the pageantry but its requisites were only a marshal, a wardrobe, the will and the Brasso; Anglicanism itself, alas, requires the suspension of disbelief. Owing to the illogical oddities of the monarch’s invented ecclesiastical office and the 1707 Act of Union, the late Queen was at once the Supreme Governor of the Church of England – whose bishops believe themselves to be successors of the Apostles – and a protestant of no lofty rank in Scotland. For that reason, Damian Thompson points out that Elizabeth died at Balmoral a Presbyterian. There is nothing unfortunate about that. Indeed, her tetchy dislike of chasubles, her unwillingness to be seen receiving Communion and her preference for the gloomy Calvinist rites of Crathie Kirk near the castle prove she was low church by disposition. But it does make the far from spare ceremonies attending her farewell incongruous and occasionally silly. A reading by the female ‘Bishop’ of London? The Princess Royal dressed as an ‘admiral’? King Charles the ‘Defender of the Faith?’ Yes, had he been there, Pope Francis could have learned something about tradition as a unifying force for good. Christian Tradition, however, is never founded on falsehoods. Both he and Charles III might have profited by contemplating the difference – as could we all now that the channel has changed.

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Carrier unveils dicey new ‘our pilots are mentally ill’ sales pitch

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Full Marx

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Beetroot the new Beatitudes

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Benito Horsolini

Jacinda Ardern has told the United Nations that freedom of speech online must be outlawed.
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Biden forgets deceased woman he was honouring is deceased

So of course, she was on his mind, she was on top of mind for the president. I don’t think it’s all that unusual to have someone top of mind especially when there are big events in her honor.”

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre does the best she can
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That time Joe Biden accidentally said the terrorist part out loud

Comedically, the Ghost of Kiev was hard to beat but his reign is over. I give you Kremlin frogmen.

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You might be “far right” if…

The great Cassie of Sydney has an important definitional update for the world’s dictionaries.
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It should start by investigating itself

The Attorney-General has announced a quarter of a billion dollar barrel of pork for Labor lawyers.
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Profiles in Courage

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ABC smears Giorgia Meloni but promotes far right hate symbol

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Open to Voice third chamber, LNP backs ICAC fourth chamber

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The Huli Wigmen of Papua New Guinea are still talking about it

I think its power has been that there are millions of women who have lived through sexist experiences, misogynistic experiences. And at 3am they’re going, ‘Oh, I wish I’d said that, I should have given it back to him, I shouldn’t have taken it.’ And it’s a speech that helps capture the frustrations of those moments.”

She kept silent among labour movement neanderthals for 20 years but is proud of smearing a good man as a woman hater
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The ABC on a woman with the same views as John F. Kennedy

Meloni promotes what she calls traditional Christian values. She opposes same-sex marriage and allowing same-sex couples to adopt children, prompting fears her rise to power will roll back gay rights.

“Yes to natural families, no to the LGBT lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death,” she said in a speech in June to supporters of the Spanish rightist party Vox.

She has also backed calls for a zero-tolerance policy on illegal migration, wants European Union treaties to be renegotiated, and has promised to change the constitution to elect the Italian president by popular vote.

Critics say Meloni’s extreme views could return the country to the dark days of mid-20th century fascism.

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At least she isn’t pretending to be Churchill like everyone else

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“While we’ve made great progress, the virus is still with us”

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