The new ‘dog ate my homework’

I think it’s going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine.”

Justin Trudeau claims Russia made Canada honour a Nazi
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Politico: Establishment GOP steamrollered in the Golden State

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Let Your Hair Down, Mr Dutton

Ignore the aftermath whisperers. Magnanimity to Voice insurrectionists is neither owed nor wise

LET’s assume the Voice really is going to be defeated on 14 October and that tantrums follow – by the usual people in the usual places. Though fun to watch, the petulance won’t be as important as the moral reckoning. That’s why discussion about what Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton should and shouldn’t take from the result has already begun. And it wouldn’t be Australia in the 2020s if glee monitors weren’t already protecting the Right Side of History by cautioning No supporters to avoid triumphalism if they win. Simon Benson, politics editor of The Australian, argued yesterday that both leaders have already been harmed by their respective stances on the referendum. There is no real evidence for this claim. For the convenience of his theme – specifically, the mawkish notion that there will be “no political winners out of this” – Benson concludes (post hoc ergo propter hoc) that a lower approval rating for the Opposition Leader in the latest Newspoll was the price of being an arch-critic. It’s more likely that voters cooled on Mr Dutton a little when they realised the Voice was on track to lose and they didn’t need him anymore.

As though it stood to reason, Paul Kelly declared on The Bolt Report last night that backers of No – especially the Coalition – must not apportion blame or play for political points if the Voice is voted down. Instead, the Opposition should be “constructive.” Bolt agreed, suggesting the LNP could, for example, come up with fresh policies to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged of Aborigines. Kelly’s admonition is sound in two ways: in the sense that an Opposition should always be crafting better solutions anyway; and because the subject matter of the referendum makes raucous partying unbecoming. Indigenous Australians have been led to believe the outcome will be a measure of the esteem in which they’re held by everyone else. This is a cheap lie but statesmanship demands that wounds inflicted by Mr Albanese and friends be salved, not salted.

Even so – and notwithstanding that Kelly has been a critic of the Prime Minister’s pet project from the start – The Australian’s editor-at-large is deluding himself if he really thinks it will be good for our polity to avoid holding the guilty to account. Voicers are extremists who cloaked vengeance in the attire of reconciliation. They didn’t manfully lay siege to democracy at the portcullis; they tried to poison the castle well using legerdemain, calumny, blackmail and – worst of all – the altruism of their compatriots. They are not Byronic heroes who did their best for a sacred cause. Peter Dutton should by all means reach out to, and represent with redoubled vim, the Aboriginal communities around the country that need to be rescued (even from themselves). He should drop absolutely the idea of a bespoke referendum on recognition. The two-faced goodwill lobby in the op-eds he should heed only slightly. It talks about pivots and paradigm shifts after Liberals lose a culture war battle but gentlemanly grace when Labor does. Don’t fall for it.

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The worst and most life-damaging Premier in Australian history

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Francis Sullivan orders bishops to order Catholics how to vote

Larping as Primate of the Church in Australia, the Pell hater and professional ‘Catholic’ lashes out.
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Well sonofabitch, Jens Stoltenberg admits NATO started a war

Jeffrey D. Sachs on the Secretary-General’s awkward gaffe: “He accidentally blurted out the truth.”
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Tucker on state-run media, the Murdochs, Biden showering with his own daughter and how Barack Obama is still running things

“America is not communist China. They do have a thing called the rule of law. China does not.”

Andrew Bolt rejects a Barnaby Joyce analogy about Julian Assange

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Well, Canada is a police state of blood libels and ‘mercy’ killing

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It was nobbled by the US via a curated holy war. Next question.

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St Paul is a No. There is neither Jew nor Greek – Galatians 3:28

Catholics have had enough of sacralised Laborism: Fr Brennan: Vote Yes despite ‘hell of a mess.’
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Yessers Kamauled

“If you do the Voice this way, it becomes a racist issue, you’re putting a whole race of people separate to the rest of the country. I don’t think you really need a Voice – they already have a voice. Whatever I said before now, wipe it out, but start all over again and forgive me.”

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Professor of Yes drops in to the No local to say ‘gooday mates’

This 2070-word attempt by Greg Craven to win over “you guys” is so condescending it’s amusing.
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The Libelous Leprechaun

SURPRISING to relate, Thomas Keneally is still alive. I know because the obnoxious octogenarian had a piece in the Guardian on Friday titled The astonishing lies of the no campaign. He obviously feels the Voice is sufficiently historic to warrant, for posterity’s sake, the predictable thoughts of yet another elder of the Whitlam tribe. Not just any elder, however. “One of the wisest elders we have,” tweeted an easily led Simon Chapman. Keneally’s argument for the latest and oiliest ignis fatuus of the leftist hive mind was the usual mixture of ad hominems, ipse-dixitism, bourgeois snobbery and half-baked homiletics. What makes the Booker Prize winner’s tirade more shameful than anything even the self-muzzled Noel Pearson has said during this Labor-incited beach brawl with the ghost of Captain Cook is his claim that governments have recently executed hundreds of Aborigines. He starts by mentioning that Australia abolished the death penalty:

Good for us! Yet there has been, since the royal commission into Indigenous deaths in custody in 1992, in excess of 550 First Nations people who have died in forms of custody. There’s your capital punishment. Death for Aboriginals. We’ve done better than Texas.

Let’s disregard, for economy’s sake, the racism of comparing the mostly petty Aboriginal offenders locked up on any given day in our prisons with the psychopaths, rapists and murderers dispatched by lethal injection in the Lone Star State. Though updated, the figure Keneally cites above is taken from the Australian Institute of Criminology study of deaths in custody. In a 19-paragraph story on the AIC’s 2020-21 report, the Guardian tardily noted in paragraph 17 that “Indigenous people were no more likely to die in custody than non-Indigenous people.” Of 106 deaths in custody in 2021-22, 24 decedents were Aboriginal and 81 were non-Aboriginal. Fewer Aborigines than non-Aborigines have been dying in all forms of custody since 2003.

Keneally’s allegation – that states, ministers, prison guards and policemen are killing incarcerated black people – is the gutter talk of a moral dwarf. The 87 year-old should to be ashamed of himself but contrition and malice are never allies. That may have been the root cause of his early exit from St Patrick’s Seminary. Interviewed about the infamous conviction of George Pell in 2019, an elated Keneally told the Church Times that he was “amused” the Cardinal’s friends and supporters hoped to see him exonerated before he died. In custody.

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The Good Tucker

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Steel Ceiling

Yes to quotas for women in the law and academe. A maximum of five and 20 per cent respectively.

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Meet the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Cop says he’s on the verge of breaking low-cost cigarette trade

“Make no mistake, these criminal syndicates – and their associated offending linked to illicit tobacco – have the complete attention of police and we will do everything we can to bring this to an end and hold those responsible to account,” Inspector Kennedy said.

The words illegal and illicit, of course, are trite code for un-taxed. But is there anything immoral about supplying a fairly priced and legal-to-use product whose consumers are being flagrantly extorted by a Godfather-like purveyor of monopolised violence? Not at all. The Lord enjoined us to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, not foolishly donate extras he has no right to have. For there is something immoral about knowingly creating a black market that unleashes predictably disastrous externalities. Just as the US Volstead Act of 1919 led to Al Capone, $50 cigarettes will lead to turf brawls and worse. Policemen have better things to do than wack competitors on behalf of government racketeers.

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Old cultural unity ÷ diversity + deindustrialisation − Christianity

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