Sweden and Finland happy to bilk the American middle-class

If the savvy Nordics do join NATO, the US will take a bigger hit than Russia. Thus do empires fall.
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Safe Death

New South Wales Parliament to the sick, the abandoned, the lonely and the old: Drop dead.

For Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst, the bill’s passing had personal significance.

“Last year, I spent many hours next to my father who was in hospital, and he asked about this piece of legislation,” she said.

“He made it very clear to us that he would have chosen a safe and dignified death if that choice had been available to him, but it wasn’t.”

I’m always saddened and amazed by euthanasia lobbyists willing to demean their own loved ones to advance so iniquitous a cause. Her father was not undignified while dying; no suffering human is undignified. The emotionally manipulative stories of death propagated by VAD campaigners are presented as heartfelt spokesmanship but they sound more like mawkish self-pity to me. Moderns resent not only death itself but accompanying those facing it. And it doesn’t matter how many wins this movement has; ‘voluntary assisted dying’ will always be homicide committed by third parties and will soon be anything but voluntary. Society has spent several years telegraphing to the infirm what their grim duty is to the time-poor, cash-strapped and emotionally feeble. Espousing dignity, lawmakers have canonised narcissistic brutality.

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“Hartcher was particularly aggressive”

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What happened to loose lips sinking ships?

Australia’s largest warship is being hampered by new mechanical problems, placing limits on its speed, just months after suffering a complete power failure during a humanitarian mission to Tonga…

A source on board the ship, who spoke to the ABC on condition of anonymity, claimed the Navy had been aware of the problem for the past two months.

“It has been broken since the ship got back to Australia in March, it now has a 12 knots maximum speed, which is not great for the emergency response vessel,” the person said.

I presume communicating the operational status of a warship is a prosecutable military offence.

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His Wimp Hand Is Strong

Just leave me alone, Simon, please leave me alone. You are suing me for defamation, Simon. I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone, Simon. You are the son of Australia’s first billionaire. You are suing me for defamation. Please leave me alone.”

Jane Hume pleads with Teals sidewalk king, Simon Holmes à Court

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How the ABC reports the lowest unemployment in 50 years

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That’s Not His Job

ANTHONY Albanese’s bizarre decision to imitate Gough Whitlam if he happens to win the election on Saturday may have to be ‘clarified’ today. As told to The Australian’s Troy Bramston yesterday, the Labor Leader says that only he and prospective foreign minister Penny Wong will be sworn in Sunday, allowing both to leave Australia forthwith to attend next week’s Quad meeting in Tokyo. This evokes the infamous duumvirate that began the manic chaos of the Whitlam era. In 1972, too impatient to wait for the conclusion of election formalities, Whitlam and his deputy Lance Barnard shared 27 portfolios between them from 5 to 19 December.

Two obvious problems: first, there is no guarantee a result will be known on Sunday or sufficiently clear and definitive to warrant the assumption of office. Second, if the only two sworn ministers of an Albanese government are abroad, nobody would be in charge of the country. Deputy Opposition Leader Richard Marles must also be commissioned. Paul Kelly – whose lived experience of these transitions is unmatched – today describes Albanese’s plan as flawed, unwise, an embarrassment, absurd, crazy, presumptuous and arrogant. By Monday, the Acting PM will be Scott Morrison, Mr Marles or nobody in particular. Long may the last-named reign.

UPDATE: Mr Albanese clarifies the Whitlam plan. Yes, Richard Marles will also be sworn in.
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A View To a Dill

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We isolated ourselves from Gondwana 99 million years ago

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Piers Morgan: Woke Fraud

IT’S a shame the ‘Uncensored’ host being called a “c-nt” live on air by a male “trans activist” he willingly identified as “Jane” takes attention away from the interview that followed. The obscenity was less revealing and indictable than Morgan’s unctuous hypocrisy. More on that presently. “It’s an uncensored show – so you can speak your mind,” the sweary vampire was assured before being cancelled by Morgan for accepting the offer. Members of a Manchester ‘protest’ group, Trans Rise Up, had earlier made news by assaulting a representative of Standing For Women who was trying to speak at the St Peter’s Square statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Women have decided to give up our spaces to men. They have listened to the cries of these nasty, entitled men and gone, ‘I feel sorry, I think you should come into our spaces.’ They only want to pee and masturbate in our toilets.”

Kellie-Jay Keen

Just as he thought it would be entertaining to conduct a ridiculous interview last week with Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen about women’s rights, Morgan bet on one of the assailants delivering a bonanza of views and clicks. All of this was soft news, of course – Twitter loves a c-bomb – but only because on this occasion the ‘TERF’ wasn’t injured or killed. For mark this well: trans militants are so like Afghan jihadists and the killers of Deborah Yakubu that their lunacy will escalate to violence if weaklings continue to indulge them as Morgan does. Watch as he lectures Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen – whose friend had been manhandled that day – for daring to mock the lie of transgenderism. She doesn’t back down. Nor should we. There can be no reconciliation of what Morgan calls “the two warring factions on this.” The truth has to win.

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A Mostly Considerate Assault

Gratitude: “I would like to express my closeness to the cardinal who was freed and treated well.”

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That’s one way of putting it

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Deborah Yakubu

What do you hope to achieve with this?”

Witnesses say these were the last words of Nigerian Christian Deborah Yakubu, 22. She was beaten with planks before being burned to death on a pile of tires by Muslim students at a school in Sokoto last Thursday. Predictably, the killers claim she had insulted their “prophet.”

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Transgender midgets continue to face discrimination hurdles

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The most famous top-secret burglary since Watergate

THE upshot: under ‘national security’ auspices, no truth or public interest defence will stymie a Federal government’s prosecution of a person who reports – or is made privy to – crimes committed by ‘intelligence’ agencies. This means their personnel could rape the female staffers of a foreign embassy and it would be entirely legal. As it stands, the proven charge is that an Australian government merely raped the sovereignty of another nation after earlier green-lighting a genocide. A Coalition government – protecting a former Coalition government – prefers to hound a respected citizen rather than punish the erstwhile ministers responsible. And the Attorney-General who pushed ahead with this travesty was none other than Christian Porter, the man later given cause to prize the rule of law. But that was another case – in the superior court of karma.

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Mourning blacks at home, Biden starts a new war in Africa

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Catholics and children no longer welcome in the Liberal Party

It is imperative Liberal Members of Parliament be solely focused on recovering and rebuilding Victoria. A continued lack of discipline and repeated actions detrimental to the party’s ability to stand up for the interests of Victorians has left no option but to consider Mr Finn’s eligibility to represent the Liberal Party.”

– Sectarian Matthew Guy is “absolutely sick” of Mr Finn

Hugh Riminton may be trolling but his curiosity is entirely justified.
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Solidarity Forever

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