What if the FBI staged a riot and only the media came?

Thanks to Jack Posobiec, we’d at least be left with one of the finest memes ever made.
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Must be a typo. Should read OUR laws with ITS beliefs

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Leftists want to talk sex with your children – without consent

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Fairfax letters page a platform for anti-science misinformation

‘Vaccinated’ Sydney Morning Herald readers believe fervently that the ‘vaccines’ don’t work:

Religious leaders argue that everyone has the right to worship in their churches regardless of vaccination status. What about the rights of those vaccinated people who will be harmed by possible exposure to the virus?

Everyone has the right to a safe environment and allowing unvaccinated parishioners to mingle in such a closed venue will have the effect of turning away those vaccinated people who are not prepared to take the risk. Churches have one of the highest risk environments with high proportions of the elderly and many religious rites that increase the risk of infection. “Love thy neighbour” has never seemed more relevant.

Elizabeth M, Bangor

I was horrified to learn that major church leaders are demanding special dispensation from laws designed to protect the community. If their flocks were to be allowed to attend services unvaccinated it would further the spread of the virus. Worse, by accepting anti-vaxxers they are encouraging more people to vacillate or decline vaccination. These short-sighted church leaders are in effect not only acting against the wellbeing of the community, they are not even protecting their own brethren.

Martin B, Collaroy Plateau

St Teresa of Calcutta with patients at a leprosy clinic near Kolkata, India, 1960. (New York Times)
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That’s a shame

What we saw today was a group of protestors that came together not to protest for freedoms but simply to take on and have a fight with police.”

– Confused VicPol Commander Mark Galliott meant to say that a group of police came together not to uphold the law but to take on and have a fight with citizens.

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Government pays Taliban $100 mill bounty for killing Diggers

That’s $2,439,024 for each of the 41 men who fought and died on the orders of Liberal politicians.

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Alexander Doesn’t

A federal political staffer has been charged with two counts of rape, over an incident alleged to have taken place in April this year.

Alexander Matters, 20, who works for ACT federal Labor MP David Smith, was arrested yesterday, after a complaint was received by police last month.

Mr Matters was formally charged with two counts of rape in the ACT Magistrates Court this morning, over an alleged incident in April.

The court heard he is also a second-year law student at the Australian National University (ANU).

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Possibly the best and fairest essay yet written on Ivermectin

Manhattan Institute Fellow, Connor Harris in City Journal: Try a Dose of Skepticism.

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Meet the most corrupt woman in Washington not named Nancy

WASHINGTON — An investigation into manipulation of an annual World Bank report has found that Kristalina Georgieva, the bank’s former chief executive, who now leads the International Monetary Fund, directed staff to alter data to placate China.

The findings of the investigation, which was conducted by the law firm WilmerHale at the request of the bank’s ethics committee, raised questions about the judgment of Ms. Georgieva during her time at the World Bank and underscored the pressure that the bank has been under to accommodate China, its third-largest shareholder after the United States and Japan.

The investigation focused on accusations that top bank officials pressured the team that conducts the Doing Business survey to inflate China’s standing in its 2018 report.

Naturally, the New York Times has no interest in the angle but the first thing that came to my mind was that China was taking even more of a beating during the Trump years than most of us realised. See the whole NYT report in comments.

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Y’ello, Submarine

THE enactment in the Queensland Legislative Assembly yesterday of a bill legalising homicide and the morning announcement of a deal enabling Australia to put its first nuclear-powered submarine to sea in about 2040 interface as cultural developments in two ways. Queensland’s new “Voluntary Assisted Dying” law received the sort of coverage the media reserves for the ‘inevitable’ victory of a ‘progressive’ cause: at-long-last mawkishness combined with moving-right-along indifference. The fundamental lie at the heart of Annastacia Palaszczuk’s euthanasia law is that it will ‘assist’ people to simply die. Those who make use of it, however, will in fact be killed by doctors – in many cases, on premises essentially commandeered by the state. (Never, by the way, have I been more adamant that ‘doctors’ don’t deserve this historically embezzled title). The VAD-eliminated will become the first generation of dying Australians to wilfully leave to their grandchildren an ethically corrupted, more dangerous medicine. As the week ends to the sound of military tub-thumping, the sad reality is that our country’s morality becomes more Chinese by the day.

If the United States military with all its might could not beat a bunch of Taliban rebels with AK-47 rifles in pick-up trucks, what chance would it have in a full-blown war against China, not only the biggest state in the world but the commander and occupant of the largest land mass in Asia?” – Paul Keating

Second, let’s consider words and their meaning. China’s best propagandists couldn’t do any better than the Orwellian weasel words, assisted dying. Like the warped inversions of coronavirus patois, the phrase is an untruth we are encouraged to believe to make ourselves feel protected. This points to an increasingly infantilised nation whose governments now rule in loco parentis. Amidst all the jockstrap overkill regarding AUKUS in The Australian today – I count no fewer than ten columns on the accord – there is virtually no acknowledgement that our future subs’ only purpose will be to wage war against – or deter – China as a small part of a US armada. Defence and national security were never his strong suits and his imitation of Kim Philby – a Kim Philby who never bothered to defect – is outlandish. But Sinophile Paul Keating justifiably says this part aloud.

Retired Rear Admiral Peter Clarke told foreign affairs columnist Ben Packham that Australia will have the ability “to strike without warning against adversaries’ homelands, then disappear to fight another day.” Unless it’s Papua New Guinea we’re striking, we won’t be fighting alone. I respect the prudent lingua franca of diplomacy, welcome the quasi-nuclearisation of our fleet and hope the old Coalition of the Willing lasts a thousand years. But in light of the fact that the AUKUS nations just lost a twenty-year war – and that the United States is an increasingly unsound state – it would be preferable for adults not to pretend we have a solo capability to strike anybody’s homeland. We’ve seen how foundational dishonesty like that can end.

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We should be very wary of a “forever” alliance with traitors

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Secretary of State Tucker Carlson draws more criticism

LEAVING aside the straw man – Carlson hasn’t advocated Hungarianisation – it’s genuinely tragic to see a conservative/libertarian defence of America so shot through with denialism about what the country has become under a dictatorship of left-wing relativism. If Orbán is an illiberal dictator – rather than, say, a nationalist as jealous of Hungary’s culture as Daniel Andrews is of a ‘safe’ picnic – he differs from Joe Biden only insofar as he’s in charge. When the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff works for the Chinese Communist Party (and is celebrated for it), state powers are no longer separated the way they used to be.

Hungary’s Orbán is the champion of what he has dubbed “illiberal democracy.” This form of government is characterized by an explicit support of nativist Christian policy enacted through authoritarian measures. Yet conservatives who place their hopes in this philosophy are misguided. Disregarding the fact that recreating the U.S. in the image of Hungary is practically impossible, this notion misses the entire point of the American experiment.

While you could technically call Hungary a democracy, it lacks basic protections and separation of power which we take for granted in the U.S. Orbán has consolidated power over the three branches of government within his party, Fidesz. He controls large swaths of the press. The economy is also an expression of cronyism, with valuable grants awarded to the party faithful. He has also used the courts to punish rival political parties.

The root of Hungary’s appeal to American conservatives is that Orbán has successfully countered progressive ideas and laws in the country. Essentially, some conservatives are willing to give up freedoms in order to counter what they see as the ascendant progressive project.

The concluding argument is interesting as a challenge. Are there freedoms that Brexiteers, Trump fans, “blue tide” Latin Americans or their 11 or so Australian equivalents want to “give up” to beat leftism? I can’t think of any. To play any sort of meaningful role in saving liberty, libertarians have to stop begging the big questions. Controlling borders and the ethnic/religious make-up of a nation is not giving up a freedom. Nor is free speech. Nor is re-empowering traditional families, marriage, schools, Judeo-Christian culture, the Western canon, businesses, markets or private associations. The ‘freedom’ cherished by the left is the unchallenged one to go on laying waste to all these things, all these people. This is not freedom to give up but viciousness to root out.

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