Yawn. Daisy Duck doesn’t wear either

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Last Japs In The Jungle

People that are double vaccinated who may think ‘that’s enough to get me through’, I urge you to get boosted so you protect the elderly, your broader family, your people that you may not be aware have chronic underlying health conditions.”

– NSW CHO Kerry Chant invents booster benefits to justify fighting on like Hiroo Onoda

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His puppy torture programs shut down, Fauci turns to babies

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Hey, Canada: You can’t trust the vaccine. Get vaccinated!

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He’s exactly the same age Reagan was when first inaugurated

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A song more 1970s than the Leyland P76

IN 1974 she became the first Australian recording artist to sell more than one million singles in the US market. (A million and a half, actually). South Australian Sister of Mercy, Sr Janet Mead, made “The Lord’s Prayer” a rock hit in that year. She died yesterday, aged 84.

Sr Janet pioneered what came to be known as the “Rock Mass” – to wit, the then novel vernacular liturgy set to the music of drums and guitars. Meant to attract younger Catholics and maintain their attendance at Sunday Mass, the idea failed. As Leszek Kolakowski once wrote, “the belief in ritual tends to diminish as it is realised to what extent persons manipulate it.” Blame the bishops, not Sr Janet. She was a tireless religious and a decades-long servant of the homeless.
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Virus cultists panic as weak bug threatens social credit system

However, [University of South Australia epidemiologist Adrian] Esterman maintains they should continue being used in the event a new more virulent variant arises in the future.

“If we say that people don’t bother to use QR codes, what happens when the next variant comes along and potentially it could be useful then?” he said.

“QR codes are a bit like wearing a face mask, they should really be ubiquitous, you simply just get used to doing it.”

Mike Toole from the Burnet Institute agrees.

“We should keep those restrictions that have some proven effectiveness and yet don’t intrude on our lives and don’t affect the economy,” he said.

“I don’t know why it’s fatiguing, it takes two seconds.”

How about we save ourselves a lot of time and money by putting ‘conspiracy theorists’ in charge of Western democracies? They’re right about everything.

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Keep an eye out for a thousand tweets by Peter FitzSimons

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Like Russia, Australia doesn’t like being doorstep-trolled either

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My Australians of The Year

I won’t climb atop the pile-on about Grace Tame imitating Johnny Rotten at The Lodge except to say that I hope her fiancée takes away from the experience something beneficial to his future well-being. Like many others, Miss Tame had a difficult start to life. Being named Australian of the Year was obviously beneficial to her and she undoubtedly has much more to give. Her advocacy may, in due course, have a healing impact on others desperate to break away from trauma and fulfill their potential. Her achievements are not trifling but they were stymied. Women who take on such roles are strictly policed handmaidens of the feminist hierarchy and are always being watched. Provided they avoid damaging the men of Labor, unions, arts and letters – provided, I mean, that they focus their outrage on Liberals, Nationals and Christians – they are encouraged to carry on, even as pork chops. It follows that Miss Tame’s tantrum yesterday should be read not just as narcissism but as a hostage video. She knows the price of fraternising with a conservative.

I wouldn’t want Danny and Leila Abdallah to be named as the real Australians of the Year – that would be a trivial bother they could do without – but they exemplify everything that’s really fine, rare and noble in human beings, not merely Australians. On February 1, 2020, three of their children – Sienna, eight, Angelina, 12, and Antony, 13 – and their niece, Veronique Sakr, 11, were killed when a drunk and drugged driver crashed into them on a footpath in the Sydney suburb of Oatlands as they walked excitedly to the shop for ice creams. According to police, the 31 year-old man at the wheel – deranged on alcohol, cocaine and MDMA – was travelling in a 50 zone at not less than 111 km/h on impact.

In a statement his solicitor read out to Parramatta District Court last March, the culprit apologised to the Abdallah and Sakr families for the “accident,” a description presiding judge, James Bennett, rejected outright. Indeed, this was no accident but the self-indulgence that a decaying Anglophone dystopia glorifies. In a victim impact statement, Mrs Abdallah forgave the unforgivable: “From day one I didn’t hate you. I pray you find faith in your life and turn away from drugs and alcohol.” Her husband echoed the sentiments, telling the man he was forgiven – “for your sake, for my sake, and most importantly for my family’s sake.” Bridget Sakr, mother of Veronique, also forgave the son of a heartbroken retired policeman: “I pray that if you have not met God, to find him.”

In the months of 2021 that followed, the Abdallahs’ home was robbed, the roadside shrine to their children was vandalised, a proposal to memorialise them at the scene of the crime was repeatedly rebuffed by a greedy golf club and they suffered a miscarriage. They still had the resolve to launch i4give Day (1 February) to enjoin others to “find someone you can forgive” and “set them free.” The couple also announced they and their three surviving children are expecting a new baby in March. “Tame is a weapon,” said new Australian of the Year Dylan Alcott yesterday, admiringly and oddly. So are the Abdallahs but not of war.

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Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

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Biden’s Biceps and Various Other Flabby Delusions

Russia’s brazen attempt to force Ukraine into submission by threatening its territory and freedoms must be resisted.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully imposes his will on an independent nation by force of arms or a manufactured political coup then the sovereignty of all nations is jeopardised. It would validate the use of coercive power, encourage dictators around the world, destabilise Europe, trigger another refugee crisis and send financial markets into free fall. And you can kiss goodbye to what remains of the rules-based order.

That’s why Ukraine matters for Australia.

Oh please. It doesn’t matter to Australia at all. This is exactly the same neo-liberal rubbish we were told about Afghanistan; that it too mattered to our freedom and democracy. How did that turn out? The hypocrisy over Ukraine is almost as huge as Mr Putin’s ego. At one and the same time, hawks dismiss the wilfully provocative expansionism of NATO while also upping their stridency towards China because its ambitions – as regards Taiwan and the sea lanes vital for our survival – are seen as a belt, road and bridge too far into Australia’s domain. This isn’t about sides or personalities but realpolitic. Russia is no innocent – nor are the AUKUS Metternichs who blew up a goodly chunk of the world and their own moral capital to capture Iraqi WMD – but it has a case for a buffer against its foes more compelling than Australia’s in the Asia-Pacific.

And the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Inevitably, Mr Dupont raises the spectre of 1962 when “Nikita Khrushchev recklessly dispatched ballistic missiles to Cuba.” Put to one side the fact that Russia’s Cuba gambit was largely precipitated by the nuclear arms race Jack Kennedy foolishly flagged with his “missile gap” lies during the 1960 election campaign. Russia isn’t trying to park armaments on anybody’s doorstep; NATO is. Putin is not Khrushchev in the analogy; he isn’t Kennedy either but a righteously wrongheaded somebody else in between. There is nothing so twitter-friendly here as a viable chauvinism in black and white.

One thing that is genuinely obvious (and nauseating) is the same US Democrats who paid Kremlin cutouts to crash the Trump Administration waxing Churchillian about the malice of Moscow. The sadder tragedy, though, is cultural: Western Europe is now a marshmallow-Marxist, post-Christian bloc where sovereignty is so strictly controlled as to be more or less outlawed. Vladimir Putin is not a Constantinian white knight of Christian revival – let nobody say that with a straight face – but at least his cynical vice pays Rochefoucauld’s tribute to virtue. Western Europe won’t even pay for its own defence. That’s how much they value freedom.

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On Australia’s Pseudo-Herodotus

An excellent book review by historian’s historian, Ross Fitzgerald: The Eclipse of Manning Clark.
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Needle And The Damage Done

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U-Haul to U-Kraine

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Great Men Gonna Grate

LOVED or hated, nobody has ever doubted Paul Keating could take care of himself in any political brawl. That’s why even for a longstanding critic of his excesses – of language, historical claims and self-estimation – it’s surprising to feel a little sorry for him. Like his attack on the AUKUS deal, his meltdown about British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s linkage of possible Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine was not entirely wrong. I’m not squeamish about beating up China – even gratuitously – but exploiting headlines to warn of World War III at the Lowy Institute is extravagant, if not quite “demented.” If it isn’t verifiably true, it shouldn’t be said. If it is, there isn’t much that t-shirt-banning Australia can do about it.

At the heart of the Keating decline is spite and pride. Any wisdom he has to offer is indecipherable beneath layers of brutality – of the kind the press indulged for 40 years. Sycophancy has been very bad for him. This doesn’t mean the former Prime Minister is losing touch with reality in the sense that his contemporary Joe Biden is. His delusions are not of a clinical but of a moral variety. Like a Bankstown pensioner in the 1970s who discovered the dim sim, he has a patronising old Laborite’s view of Asians pursuant to which ‘engagement’ with them is the epitome of magnanimity. But most Australians under 60 don’t see Asians this way.

Mr Keating famously hates the British, the Liberals (who had to drag ALP neanderthals away their historical loathing of Asians) and anyone who moves the focus of foreign policy away from his own 1980s enthrallment with ‘our region.’ He still thinks proximity is destiny when in fact hemispheric reach has become at least as important as it was in the nineteenth century. The world has changed (again) but Mr Keating won’t change with it. His view of himself as a Great Man of History is more important. It’s a sad but predictable autumn for an ‘icon’ spoiled rotten.

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Conditions of Entry

“Under our ticket conditions of entry we don’t allow clothing, banners or signs that are commercial or political,” a Tennis Australia spokesperson told Guardian Australia.

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China tells Chinese to disregard Scott Morrison

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