The US confirms it’s inciting world war in the name of sodomy

In 2060, the first AUKUS submarine may be deployed to force drag queen story hour on Indonesia

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Artificial Indignation

How to launch a product via the ABC: Can a chatbot help women who have experienced racism?

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Recusant Christians in the Victorian Liberal Party need a Nick

I verily think no man can be said to have done more good of all those who laboured in the English vineyard. He was the immediate occasion of saving the lives of many hundreds of persons, both ecclesiastical and secular.”

John Gerard on the remarkable priest-hole carpenter Saint Nicholas Owen
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Addicting young people to a vice is a venerable business model

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Nazi salute panic is a canting one for luvvies to be propagating

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The face of European “values” still punchable but not as smug

Note well that would-be farm confiscator Mark Rutte is also a fanatical backer of child grooming.
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Historical milestone as IPCC publishes its 1000th final warning

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The Eagle Has Crash-Landed

The Times dresses Azov Hitlerites as Tommys: Azovstal steelworks battle was Ukraine’s Dunkirk.
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Adam Is Disgusted

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Great Endorsements of History

How did you stay awake? You must have had a glass of wine.”
Peter Dutton asks Erin Molan how she got through the NSW Liberal campaign launch
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The Liberal Party throttles an MP who stood up to violent men

Victorian MP Moira Deeming replaced Bernie Finn. Both have been expelled for Christianity.

This is not an issue about free speech but a member of the parliamentary party associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values of the Liberal Party and the wider community. The Liberal Party I joined and which I am now honoured to lead must strive to represent all Victorians. Regardless of faith, race, sexual preference and identity, Victorians everywhere should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive and can be a voice for them.”

– ‘Opposition’ leader John Pesutto says the women’s rights protester was asking for it
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Doomed Sentiment

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One Ping Only

I was somewhat surprised that ASIO chieftain Mike Burgess joked about “top tools” in his Annual Threat Assessment. The treatment of Daniel Duggan – thrown into a terrorist’s cell in Silverwater on the orders of the same bent US officials who refuse to prosecute China-financed Hunter Biden – is a national disgrace. The father of several small children and former owner of Top Gun Australia flight school is innocent until proven guilty. ASIO’s mission is to protect the rule of law, not throw tomatoes at a man in the parish stocks. He is entitled to a fair hearing tomorrow. On the nature of the charges and the bona fides of the accuser, last October the Washington Post revealed that more than 500 retired US military personnel — “including scores of generals and admirals” – are legally on the payroll of various Saudi Arabian psychopaths. Mr Duggan is accused of taking $182,000 for flying lessons over a two year period (13 years ago). That’s roughly what Joe Biden’s son spent on drugs, hookers and kicking 10 per cent upstairs to daddy-o in a week. Mark Dreyfus – technically, Attorney-General of Australia – can block Mr Duggan’s extradition or send a ping to the Americans from HMAS Yellow Submarine that he now works for them.

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British Tories now draw inspiration from the old East Germany

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The Welsh government quietly abolishes private property rights

Licences to let and rent may be revoked: Landlords to receive anti-racism and hate crime training.
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Vote for the Voice and expect to be thrown off more beaches

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Man-made virus born of contempt for accountability and reason

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Crossdresser Dick Levine says White House backs mutilation

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