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Or Not

The Brits have their view. But they should be careful. What’s been said is offensive and he will remember it.” – A “US source” responds to reports in The Telegraph that British Cabinet insiders are now openly describing Joe Biden … Continue reading

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Liberal gets owned

Another example of the reining do whatever the hell we want drunkenness of state: Liberal Democrats federal leader Campbell Newman concedes his party may need to change its name after new election laws passed parliament on Thursday, but says the … Continue reading

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For New York Times reporter, massacre has a silver lining

American Taliban: Among the troops who died in Kabul, two women on the frontline.

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How to camoflauge 82.7 percent of Australian virus deaths

Show us, Fairfax: NSW overtakes Victoria for total COVID-19 cases through pandemic.

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Charlie’s Good Tonight

CELEBRITY demises don’t move me for an obvious reason: I didn’t know the celebrities. Naturally, I emphathise with the bereaved but, alas, lack Bill Clinton’s gift of feeling their pain. The sad news of Rolling Stone Charlie Watts’ death in … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Perversity, Culpability and Just Deserts

AS nobody ever said, “when we win the war in Afghanistan…” Think about it. At no time in the last 20 years did any ‘leader’ of the defunct Coalition of the Willing – political, military or otherwise – ever speak … Continue reading

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