A Real Lady Killer

There is still an attitude, a culture that excuses and justifies, ignores or condones gender inequality that drives, ultimately, violence against women, and that is on all of us.”
– Like all Liberals, Scott Morrison believes if he nobly affirms a left-wing shibboleth – in this case, that all men are responsible for violence and that “inequality” causes it – he will reap dividends of civility, comity and newfound respect in unexpected quarters.

Worked a real treat as usual.

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  1. calli says:

    Hmmmm…. “some men think they own women”.

    I wonder who on earth he could mean? Who are these proprietorial men? Name them, Mr Morrison. Otherwise you are just pi55 and wind.

    But we knew that already.

    Curiously, I have met many…many women who believe they “own” their men. But they seem to only perpetrate violence on their bank accounts, particularly if they grow tired of those men. So there is that.

  2. howardb says:

    The womens whine summit is a propaganda onslaught with men targeted for attack here by what might be described as gender fascism

    Violence against women should, of course, be prosecuted, but there is no justice when violence is redefined to be non-violent and the government accepts feminist dogma that the woman is always right while the man is always wrong.

    The public needs to understand that the feminist domestic-violence lobby uses a definition of domestic violence that includes facial gestures, perceived insults, put-downs, embarrassments, and ordinary annoyances and disagreements.
    Some violent offenses have been redefined so loosely as to make them the opposite of what plain English suggests, while others have been simply concocted altogether, entailing crimes no one ever heard of before:
    * “rape” that includes consensual sex;
    * domestic “violence” that involves no violence or physical contact or any threat of it;
    * “child abuse” that is routine parental discipline or home-schooling or fabricated altogether to win advantage in divorce court

    It is well established that an intact family is the safest place for women and children.

    Child abuse and neglect takes place overwhelmingly in the homes of single mothers;

    A British study found children are up to 33 times more likely to be abused when a live-in boyfriend or stepfather is present. The person most likely to abuse a child physically is a single mother. The person most likely to abuse a child sexually is the mother’s boyfriend or second husband. . . .

    in other words, a father is the natural protector of his children

    Divorce & DVO’s, though usually portrayed as a protection against family violence, is far more frequently a contributing cause

    An estimated 40% of our nation’s children are now living in homes without their own father. Where have they gone & why?

    The Summit should include an investigation to find out how much of this fatherlessness is the result of bad government policies and putting taxpayers’ money in the hands of a small radical group that is biased against family and fathers.

    Government should terminate funding for the National Plan – a hate-men policy that throws husbands and fathers out of their homes and deprives them of their children after a very ordinary squabble masquerading as family violence.

    The National Plan is not about stopping family violence – it is about empowering feminist extremists, using taxpayers’ money, to radically change our culture – to abolish marriage, redefine family as women and children, replace husbands and fathers with government welfare and nationalized daycare, the indoctrination of feminist gender ideology into children at school and the redistribution of wealth & power by the mass pauperization, criminalization & incarceration of “evil men” … with massive commissions to the legal industry who dominate the legislature.

    3 Billion taxpayer dollars have been thrown away on this false ideology

    There’s been no accountability or oversight for these billions of dollars. There is no evidence that the National Plan has benefited anyone except the radical feminists on its payroll.

    More funding won’t fix bad policy

    The false, unscientific, unjust, failed and blatantly sexist National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and THEIR children should be defunded.

    The law should be rewritten and the title changed to the National PLan to Reduce Partner Violence. It should be completely revised to

    *provide meaningful definitions of domestic violence that are specific enough to identify real victims,
    * stop the over-criminalization of minor partner discord,
    * emphasize counselling rather than incarceration,
    * assure that training programs for prosecutors and judges are objective,
    * assure accountability by tracking the large flow of taxpayers’ money,
    * respect fathers’ rights,
    * inspect shelters, to evaluate success and fairness,
    * develop programs to address the common problem of mutual partner abuse

    The law should be rewritten to deal with the tremendous problem of false accusations so that its priority can be to help real victims.

    But of course the LIBS National Plan is not about reducing violence, it is an excuse to launder taxpayer money through DV charities and back into their reelection campaigns and to keep women fearful and resentful enough to vote as a bloc for protection & $6B of DV handouts

    Reform the family court crime racket with a rebuttable presumption of equal shared care of children after divorce. This will reduce divorce litigation by half in 2 years and save taxpayers billions in single parent welfare & dealing with all the social pathologies consequent of mass fatherlessness.

    When the feminist left can no longer guarantee women the children in divorce, it is finished…. and thereby any hope of ALP/Green election.

  3. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Morrison can always be guaranteed of one thing…..he’ll always find the time to prostrate himself before any leftist talking point.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on the Religious Freedom Bill….but you know Scotty….priorities.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    I don’t want an Albanese government….but I loathe Morrison and the Liberals

  5. C.L. says:

    Hear hear, Howard. Brilliant summary.

  6. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Excellent comment howardb, I’ve kept a copy thanks

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