Lifesavers fear drowning children might infect them

Australian manhood, 2021: I know half a dozen checkout chicks with more intrepidity.

SLSNSW recently released a list of COVID-safe measures for returning lifesavers, including wearing a mask, goggles and gloves, and reducing patrols to six people.

But one safety measure that’s concerning some is the directive to no longer provide ‘rescue breaths’ to those pulled unconscious from the water.

One lifesaver, who asked not to be named, said this could be a significant problem.

“Normally when you pull someone out of the surf you do two rescue breaths — we’re told not to do that this year because of COVID.”

He said the directive didn’t extend to children, in which case the lifesaver had to decide if he felt ‘comfortable’ administering the breaths.

This is institutional sociopathy and cowardice of a kind Australia may never live down. Pie-eating surrender monkeys, the French might call us. A person not “comfortable” saving a child’s life has no business masquerading as a lifesaver. Obviously.

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5 Responses to Lifesavers fear drowning children might infect them

  1. MatrixTransform says:

    life-savers are sinking lower and faster than drowners

  2. Shy Ted says:

    we’re told not to do that this year because of COVID.”

    That’s the key line. Wonder who “they” are. Nah, we know who “they” are.
    Thanks for another must visit site, CL.

  3. Old School Conservative says:

    Oh good Lord.
    I followed the link only to sink deeper into the cesspool of Covid madness.
    Port Kembla lifesavers won’t raise the flags this weekend because they can’t socially distance while saving somebody. Club president is “filthy” because of the unsafe patrolling conditions.

    I’m as mad as hell over this craven attitude towards the noble tradition of Surf Life Saving. Club member of more than 50 years, I’d be willing to start up a Dads Army of oldies who are willing to take a risk to prevent drownings at my favourite beach.
    (PS great surf yesterday, and no masks on the beach.)

  4. Old School Conservative says:

    reducing patrols to six people

    I forgot to say – 6 patrol members on a popular beach is totally inadequate.

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