The ABC “fact checks” Craig Kelly. Shut up, they conclude

Coming up short, the home of Sarah Ferguson and Louise Milligan plays the context card.

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3 Responses to The ABC “fact checks” Craig Kelly. Shut up, they conclude

  1. Franx says:

    The fact checkers on Kelly have it as a fact that evidence of ivermectin’s efficacy is ‘not compelling’, and this fact about ivermectin’s potential therefore leads to that leap of faith expressed as fact check that it is vaccines which are the most effective. Corrupters.

  2. Rohan says:

    I love the slight of hand these pricks use.

    They go to great lengths to claim that UAP cherry picks data by reproducing only 3 pages of the report. But don’t state any facts or figures on how they determined that the adverse reactions were not jab related. No post mortem results, nothing.

    They really do rely on all leftists having room temperature IQ’s and therefore know they won’t challenge the claims.

  3. JC says:

    Have the RMIT fact-checkers fact checked Louise Nilligan and Sarah Sour-Tits? Ever?

    1. Nilligan tried to take out Pell, succeeded for a while until the High Court intervened. She’s now being sued left and right for libel.

    2. Sour-tits ran with the Wussia collushion scandal and ended up with egg all over embittered face. Being married to Springer-Jones does that to you.

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