Leigh Sales tells the truth about Twitter

I have only one criticism of a very solid column: none of the abuse from Twitter ghouls cited by the 7.30 host comes close to matching the life-endangering malice her victim colleagues were happy to either dish out to George Pell personally or cheer from the bleachers. Not one protested. They were also more than happy to mentally destroy the Porter family, the Roberts-Smith family and now the Dawkins family. This is not a case of my enemy’s enemy being a friend. The left’s Twitter terrorists are as “unhinged” as Sales says they are. This is noticeably so regarding the efficacy of lockdowns, she points out, and cherished dogmas like the ‘necessity’ of syringing children. Such cretins are no allies of mine. Nor, as a Christian, do I have any interest in the mumbo-jumbo of karma. Let’s just say that women in billion-dollar glass castles should, at the least, reflect on their own negligences before throwing stones. Still and all, Leigh Sales, well said.

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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Thanks C.L. Perfectly said. The truth is that I have nothing but contempt for the likes of Sales….she and her comrades have been MIA when it suited their political narratives. Sales said nothing about the Pell lynching, she said nothing about the Porter lynching and she said nothing about what happened recently to Andrew Laming …..courtesy of her ABC comrade Nilligan. Sales’ outrage is highly selective.

    To be honest I’d be happy to see Twitter disappear tomorrow. The social media platform is grotesque. I believe it’s largely to blame for the breakdown in civil discourse.

  2. cuckoo says:

    Fran [Kelly’s] supposed left-wing bias

    I stopped even skimming the piece at that point.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    I think you mean it’s solid twaddle. Self-serving pap. “Left-leaning bullies” she says. It’s a hard left sewer. Stay on Twatter, Leigh. You can experience what the ABC has been dishing out to good Australian people for decades. And your ABC colleagues aren’t held in the high regard you think they are by those same Aussies. And you do know that an awful lot of Twatters are paid to dish it up? Paid by whom? There’s a good story for in investigative journo.

  4. rosie says:

    Twitter has its uses but yes, all in all a sewer.

    In many ways it’s a plague of maddened zombies, turning on which ever member of the horde
    has stepped over the line, this time and tearing them to shreds, orc style.

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