Fairfax letters page a platform for anti-science misinformation

‘Vaccinated’ Sydney Morning Herald readers believe fervently that the ‘vaccines’ don’t work:

Religious leaders argue that everyone has the right to worship in their churches regardless of vaccination status. What about the rights of those vaccinated people who will be harmed by possible exposure to the virus?

Everyone has the right to a safe environment and allowing unvaccinated parishioners to mingle in such a closed venue will have the effect of turning away those vaccinated people who are not prepared to take the risk. Churches have one of the highest risk environments with high proportions of the elderly and many religious rites that increase the risk of infection. “Love thy neighbour” has never seemed more relevant.

Elizabeth M, Bangor

I was horrified to learn that major church leaders are demanding special dispensation from laws designed to protect the community. If their flocks were to be allowed to attend services unvaccinated it would further the spread of the virus. Worse, by accepting anti-vaxxers they are encouraging more people to vacillate or decline vaccination. These short-sighted church leaders are in effect not only acting against the wellbeing of the community, they are not even protecting their own brethren.

Martin B, Collaroy Plateau

St Teresa of Calcutta with patients at a leprosy clinic near Kolkata, India, 1960. (New York Times)
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2 Responses to Fairfax letters page a platform for anti-science misinformation

  1. rosie says:

    None of these readers go to church.

  2. Entropy says:

    What would Judah Ben hur do?

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