That’s a shame

What we saw today was a group of protestors that came together not to protest for freedoms but simply to take on and have a fight with police.”

– Confused VicPol Commander Mark Galliott meant to say that a group of police came together not to uphold the law but to take on and have a fight with citizens.

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5 Responses to That’s a shame

  1. jupes says:

    Yes this lady came for the blue.

    Thank you plod, for protecting us from this vicious woman.

  2. cuckoo says:

    A mere 24 hours earlier an estimated 150 construction workers gathered for a sit-down ‘smoko’ in a Melbourne CBD street, blocking traffic, to protest the shutdown of site tearooms. Police just stood and looked. No riot gear, no horses, no pepper spray, no arrests. No furious denunciations from the headmaster.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    Well done protestors everywhere. So many videos showing what really happened. Sensible plod won’t turn up next time. Better still, resign. PS The criminals are in gummint and your hierarchy. Turn around and do the same.

  4. Lee says:

    What Victoria police did to that elderly lady – pushing her to the ground, then pepper spraying while she was lying there helpless, was utterly reprehensible.
    Hopefully those responsible will be charged and have the book at thrown at them, and the lady seeks damages.
    It will never happen though, while we have a fascist POS premier in Victoria and all the toadies under him.

  5. Pedro the Loafer says:

    Every day that passes in Victoria, community respect and trust of their police force goes further down the drain.

    It will take a generation to restore the previous levels of goodwill to police, if ever.

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