The New Moral Majority

AIDS is not just God’s punishment for homosexuals.
It is God’s punishment for the society that tolerates them. – Jerry Falwell

The von Ranke of the remainder bin, Peter FitzSimons, channelled his inner-Jerry this morning by endorsing a new site devoted to ridiculing the unvaccinated dead. I suppose this means the Fairfax ‘historian’ would agree that a back in the ’80s could have sold a lot of condoms. Incidentally, while looking at figures relating to infectious diseases over the past twelve months, I was led to this shocking statistic. Is it time to talk about STD-free passports for gay men?

Elsewhere today, the ABC thinks it’s high time for another ‘insider’ ICU angels story:

If you need proof of what may happen if you’re unvaccinated, look no further than any intensive care unit.

Or just look at the statistics and remember that the vast majority of unvaccinated people won’t be troubled by coronavirus – ever. And if you need proof of what may happen if you are vaccinated, look no further than the very next report at ABC Online:

By the way, I’ve been in ICUs with loved ones on their very worst days and the rooms didn’t look as calm nor the staff as unharried as they are in the pictures accompanying the first report. One of the bays is empty. The elderly gentleman looks pretty good to me. Is it possible ICUs are “full” because beds are available for middling cases? Finally: the vax status of 17.9 percent of people admitted to ICUs during the NSW outbreak is “unknown”? Or were they being treated principally for other illnesses, meaning their ‘status’ was irrelevant?

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5 Responses to The New Moral Majority

  1. Chris M says:

    Public Health England numbers to 3rd September 2021 = 28% of deaths in unvaccinated people. Shocking. And so avoidable.

    The other 70% of deaths that were vaccinated you can at least say they died knowing they were protected and had done the right thing.

    At least I think that is the current official understanding that I should be following right?

  2. Petros Peccator says:

    I’m appalled at how the unvaxxed are being treated – or being set up for treatment once the numbers being vaccinated dwindle. It’s akin to living in a real life Milgram experiment.

    On the other hand it’s given me much more sympathy for the plight of gays in earlier decades. Exiting the closet and letting people know you’re unvaxxed (perhaps holding out for Novavax) is daunting.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    AHPRA will revoke your license to practice if you go against the official line. Ooh, look at that. The ICU nurse who revealed that vaxxed Convid cases were getting IVM and unvaxxed weren’t has had her Twatter account suspended.
    The only people working 18 hour shifts are Twatter censors.
    Disclosure – I’ve worked in ICU’s and much more in remote ATSI communities. I could write a book about syphilis cases, including congenital, like Dr G had.

  4. Tom Atkinson says:

    It is very likely that the Olympian hospitalised “for covid” was in fact hospitalised for a covid-like adverse reaction to her vaccinations.

    After attending the Freedom Rally on Saturday, here in Perth, and grilling every nurse I saw, it is clear that most of the hospitalised are suffering an adverse reaction to the vaccination. In more sane times, this would be front page news.

    And, we have heard exactly the same thing from several whistleblowers (nurses) overseas. In WA, there is a media blackout on these inpatients, but overseas, they are all classified as having Covid19.

  5. Chris M says:

    Hey Tom can you tell me why Covid19 this year is completely different to Covid19 last year? Like a completely different illness.

    The extreme coughing is not mentioned, temperatures never get checked anymore, hand sanitising barely discussed etc… very different and quite varied symptoms. This is just the flu now, or what?

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