The Smear-All Putsch

NO, Nazi man-babies is not Bill Shorten’s kinky new nickname for his bosom. It’s how the former Labor leader describes the construction workers who caused CFMEU thug John Setka to wee in his King Gees at yesterday’s protest against mandatory vaccinations. As I’ve pointed out several times, a mythical army of “Nazis” is being used by the left-wing establishment to traduce and marginalise those who oppose the increasingly violent extremism of Australian governments. Along with many other laws that hitherto made the nation a democratic jewel in a chaotic world, Godwin’s has been peremptorily suspended as well.

Protesters who don’t so much attack the status quo as merely demand sanctioned orthodoxies be more hurriedly enforced – race activists, feminists and environmentalists, for example – are never called Nazis. Their only crime is to be impatient about what the state currently considers saleable. Ssshhh to them is fraternal counsel; to anti-lockdown activists it’s the sound of pepper-spray being deployed into their eyeballs.

If all your enemies are Nazis, there is nothing that can’t be justified. Not since Bob “Run Over The Bastards” Askin has a Premier been as casual about using violence as Daniel Andrews. He says he was “proud” of Victoria Police after officers were filmed brutalising a mature woman protester at the weekend. There is something approximating a fetish in Mr Andrews’ attraction to uniformed cruelty and something akin to flaccidity of demeanor when his malice is scotched. After the High Court acquitted Cardinal Pell – a pre-covid victim of VicPol crookedness – Maximum Dan was as minimum as a eunuch in a cold shower.

In light of ASIO’s ongoing publicity campaign against Garage Nazis, the likelihood that politicians will – in millennial parlance – call out those misusing the new n-word to abuse critics and silence dissent is slim. For the “spy” agency that traditionally reveals what it knew about Muslim terrorists after they’ve killed somebody, as long as its Director-General keeps warning about “Nazis” he can stroll through the Treasury with a shopping trolley. Old Left haters in Senate Estimates are thrilled to learn the enemy within isn’t, for once, them. Have another billion. Since 1945, there have indeed been Hitler-curious dickheads around the world – a few dangerous, most so ignored by society and compromised by non-Aryan delights that they fade into oblivion. By contrast, since 1917 there have been tens of thousands of wannabe Lenins waging war against civilisation and many now occupy formerly esteemed offices. We need to revive the c-word and use it liberally.

UPDATE: “Look at all those far-right neo-Nazis at the #CFMEU rally today. Just disgraceful.”

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15 Responses to The Smear-All Putsch

  1. jupes says:

    Nazis, Nazi man-babies, thugs, anti-vaxxers, cowards, anti-science extremists, right-wing extremists, anarchist rabble, professional protestors, not union members, not construction workers, drunken idiots …

    Lying is second nature to these tyrants but now they seem desperate and scared.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    May they act like nasties in his presence.

  3. cuckoo says:

    I’m just wondering how all those neo-nazis managed to acquire high-vis fluoro gear and hard hats within 24 hours, given the current restraints on retail in Melbourne. It’s just like in The adventures of Robin Hood when Robin and his men dress up as monks to infiltrate the coronation of Prince John. Perfectly plausible.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Superb C.L. And there were two far-right, Nazi, white supremacists on the ground doing real journalism……Avi Yemeni and Rushkan.

  5. Tom says:

    We’re agreed, CL. Andrews is a psychopath in the same mould as the bloke who invented the Third Reich. He is too cunning to meet Nicolae Ceausescu’s fate.

  6. Chris M says:

    Labor really hate their voters don’t they? It’s like Biden’s disgust of Trump supporters except these are actually his own voters, ergo Labor is more crazy than Democrats.

    To protect our politicians we must provide them with weekly booster doses for their safety. Mix in all the vax brands for maximum benefit. It’s scary they they are currently able to choose not to be vaccinated, we wouldn’t want to have a single one get Covid.

  7. Lee says:

    I watched a lot of Rukshan’s feed yesterday, and many of the protesters were very far from looking like Nazis or right wing extremists.
    In fact, along with a group of 8-10 who were obviously Sikhs, there many others who looked to be of Middle Eastern or subcontinental background.

  8. rosie says:

    Dan as ‘A eunuch in a cold shower’
    A very fine word picture.

  9. Chris M says:

    Oh well, can’t begin to repair any earthquake damage for two weeks yet. Don’t want the unvaccinated nazi’s fixing things and helping people, too dangerous.

  10. C.L. says:

    LOL. Good point, Chris.

  11. Miss Anthropy says:

    But it’s not the protesters using force to stop any protest about their draconian actions and oppression of the masses.
    It’s not the protesters locking up people in house arrest.
    Shorten is Hitlers grandson love child. Not many people know that.

  12. Tintarella di Luna says:

    C.L. superb as always, I wish it were not as it is but having it set out so eloquently and elegantly makes the bearing of it at least illuminated

  13. cuckoo says:

    The Age has dialled it up to eleven immediately, with one of their bobble-heads labelling the protests an “insurrection”.

  14. dover_beach says:

    Anything that resists the Cathedral’s exertion of power is, to them, an ‘insurrection’. The use of the term also invites and forgives their use of force.

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