Great Expectorations

GOOD golly, what a coincidence. Last week, Tiananmen-curious morgue engorger Daniel Andrews mobilised his Victoria Police ninja turtles to assault lockdown protesters – including women – and fire rubber bullets from automatic rifles in their general direction. Like most other Labor members of Australian parliaments, the Victorian Premier is not exactly a navvy. If he did find the trade desk at Bunnings he’d be asking directions to the non-slip safety mats. It follows that he didn’t give any thought to the impact a blinding injury might have on men who use angle grinders and drop saws to make a living. Duty of care regarding eyesight, of course, is not a VicPol priority.

As a week of state terrorism drew to a close, the Pyjama Raj ‘reporters’ who make fun of ‘anti-vaxxers’ insisted the courageous Melbourne marchers were literally Nazis. In The Australian, Jack The Insider’s column devoted inches to the conspiracy theory that somebody acquired a pile of fluorescent workwear to disguise the rightist commandos as tradesmen. I get that the budget for non-columnists at The Australian mustn’t go very far but even a receptionist could have phoned around Melbourne to track an invoice so large and unusual. Too dumb to check.

By Thursday, Andrews had lost control of the streets and the PR initiative. The oily umbrage about protesters at the Shrine of Remembrance helped but not much. Everybody knows whose side the ANZACS would have been on. Not the woman bashers’. The men who graffitied the Pyramids would have put unruly everyman before pack attackers shooting at civilians. Enter the Phlegm. Without any evidence, the Premier claimed protesters “spat at” health workers administering vaccines at Melbourne Town Hall the previous day. The ABC, Sky, Seven, Fairfax and News Corp rushed to publish the handily timed allegation. In none of their reports, however, is a victim quoted and there are no details other than Andrews himself saying “I’m told” it happened.

That was enough for Cohealh CEO Nicole Bartholomeusz to melodramatically publicise the closure of the Town Hall vaccination centre – whose target demographic is the homeless – until Monday. Supposedly, no police officers were available to stand guard there over the weekend. An alternative explanation is that it was thought to be politically expedient to associate ‘protesters’ with disturbed itinerants and sacrifice the needs of the latter to purchase a news cycle.

Strangely, this story broke on the same day the South Australian upper house unanimously banned spit hoods. It seems that weaponising saliva is only shameful when the offenders are not on-trend. Last year at The Conversation, woke epidemiologist Nicholas Medland wrote that testing spat upon police and health workers for HIV “stigmatises people living with blood-borne viruses, incorrectly depicting them as dangerous, creating unnecessary fear, leading to discrimination.” Note well, Mr Andrews. Imaginary Nazis have feelings too.

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18 Responses to Great Expectorations

  1. rosie says:

    Thank you CL.
    The spin doctors in the premier’s department must be working overtime.

    The best thing a sensible government would have done after the cfmeu office confrontation was let the anti vaxx protestors do their thing til they got sick of it themselves, not chase them round beaches and suburban shopping centres or even off the steps of the shrine.
    And the gall of complaining about a bit of rubbish left behind after running people off with tear gas and bean bag rounds.
    There’s a very legitimate issue about mandatory vaccinations and big brother monitoring our every movement that people have very valid reasons to reject.
    And then a picnic in the park as a reward for ‘good behaviour’?
    Give me a break, I can’t believe anyone things this is a healthy state of affairs in a democracy.

  2. rosie says:

    And I guess that’s my big issue, legitimate concerns about abuse of state of emergency powers, ‘vaccine passports’ of vaccine coercion and the constant interference in our daily lives by government are drowned out by people bleating about “kill shots’.
    When the overwhelming majority of adults in Australia have already been vaccinated you are not going to get traction bundling the ‘vaccine is evil’ with concerns about government overreach.
    No-one even wants to talk about the sensible LDP covid policy.

  3. cuckoo says:

    Yeah, I put the vax hub expectoration in the same bucket as the Shrine urination. Video, or it didn’t happen.

  4. Chris M says:

    Well if the homeless derros don’t get high from the free government injections of course they will get frustrated and some will spit. If aborigines can be paid $500 each to take the shot at least give the derros a free hit or joint.

  5. Not Trampis says:

    The hyperbole kid is at it again.
    No it was the protesters who started the violence by throwing projectiles at the police and the media. these included bottles of urine. We could assume they did this after pissing all over the shrine of remembrance which showed just how how much respect for the symbol and what it means they had.
    Police informed journalist they knew the ‘far right’ was involved in the demonstrations given the communications the protesters were using.
    There is no evidence of the spitting except at the venue concerned?? How could they confirm it if it did not occur.
    Spitting when you have covid can have deadly consequences. It is an offence in NSW and so it should be.

    the behaviour of the protesters was disgraceful yet ignored.

  6. rosie says:

    Evidence that urine was thrown at police at the shrine?

    Also lol that protestors had such a copious supply they could both decorate the shrine and the police.

  7. C.L. says:

    Bottles of urine.

    Good to see Homer has come full circle.
    He is now a dedicated Bjelke-Petersen disciple.

  8. Not Trampis says:

    channel 7 reporter and cameraman for one. It was reported on Sky news as well!
    Good to see people inhibit another planet nor read their links concerning spitting.

    Not that I am surprised at all. It was very common at catallaxy.

  9. Not Trampis says:

    go to Iview and watch mediawatch. It is the first item.

    always like to help people

  10. JC says:


    How many shanky hoes have you got going at the same time?

  11. Rex Anger says:

    channel 7 reporter and cameraman for one. It was reported on Sky news as well!

    Last I checked Paxton, a reporter is not the Shrine of Remembrance. And just because they say somethijg, does not make it true.

    I know that you are rendered stupid by the ideology you follow, but one is not the other…

  12. Not Trampis says:

    Last time I checked pissing on the shrine of remembrance and throwing a bottle/can of urine is different.
    Watch mediawatch it is the first item.
    Lots of projection here

  13. Rex Anger says:

    Last time I checked pissing on the shrine of remembrance and throwing a bottle/can of urine is different.

    Crazily enough Paxton, that’s exactly what I just said.

    Are you so stupid, and so desperate to get a ‘win,’ that you are accusing me of your own projection?

    Especially when you still cannot produce anything to back the claim that those debbi-debbil protestors putting everyone at risk, actually did urinate on the shrine of Remembrance?

    Remembering, Stupid, that your claim has been that since urine was allegedly tipped over a reporter, that the same substance ended up on the Shrine as well?

  14. Not Trampis says:

    gosh JC you are really even more stupid.

    Look at mediawatch for the reporter as for the Shrine of remembrance that was confirmed by the person in charge there on almost every TV station.

    do catch up.
    Yes you are are the projector in chief as you have confirmed here

  15. Rex Anger says:

    What ‘person in charge,’ Paxton?

    Are you trying to tell us all to believe the Propaganda because you believe it?

    You Stupid boy…

  16. Lee says:

    Apparently, alleged spitting near or in the Shrine (if it in fact happened) is far, far worse than police chasing, beating up and even firing rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.
    At least according to Homer.

  17. Lee says:

    Not that I am condoning spitting in or around the Shrine for one minute, that is if it even happened.

  18. dover_beach says:

    So no independent confirmation of allegations at Shrine. Good to know.

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