National Party wokel takes menstrual leave or something

You might be “extreme right-wing” if you expect thugs who assault women to be prosecuted:

Nationals MP Darren Chester says part of his decision to take a break from the party is because of the “very hard right-wing agenda” he believes other members are pushing.

Yesterday Mr Chester confirmed he would not attend partyroom meetings because of his frustration and concern around the leadership within the party…

“It’s about some of the comments colleagues made, particularly around the withdrawal from Afghanistan and some comments around the protests in Victoria,” he said.

“I found them very unhelpful … and having asked them to not make them privately, then them continuing, I felt I was unsupported in trying to moderate our voice.

“My concern and my frustration has been that there are some that want to push a very hard right-wing agenda which isn’t something I’m comfortable with.”

Mr Chester has been publicly critical of his Queensland colleague George Christensen, who last week suggested Victoria Police officers should be arrested for using “excessive force” against protesters in Melbourne.

No surprise that the ABC supports Victoria Police. Famously, they’re very friendly.

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2 Responses to National Party wokel takes menstrual leave or something

  1. Entropy says:

    Oh you are awful CL!

  2. cuckoo says:

    Funny how, previously, whenever the cops rightfully slotted some criminial scumbag, the talking heads would declare in their most sepulchral tones that the “Police ethical standards committee” would be investigating. But when you body slam a 70 year old woman into the asphalt and then pepper spray in the face as she lies there helpless, not a word about that same committee.

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