Not quite the Bennelong treatment but pretty embarrassing

Attn: Scotty from Submarining. Being a big shot on the world stage doesn’t interest most voters.

A plebiscite held in unison with the election asked Berliners if they support a proposal to confiscate thousands of properties from landlords to make housing in the city more “affordable.” The result is non-binding legally but 56 percent of burghers have voted in favour of the theft.

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  1. Rex Anger says:

    Doesn’t tell you much about Berliners, except that like most well-paid upper-crust denizens of any big and prosperous city anywhere, they like any cause that aligns with their ideology.

    So long as they stay insulated from the consequences of their ideals.

    Remember, that running street battles between Communist, Socialist and Anarchist street militias and the Freikorps, with a paralysed and emasculated polizei looking on was a feature of the average Berliner’s life this time a century ago…

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