Paul Joseph Watson vs. The Pope

His latest video is brutal. As I always say about Francis, he’s a humble man. Ask him; he’ll tell you.

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5 Responses to Paul Joseph Watson vs. The Pope

  1. Lee says:

    I have rarely seen PJW so fired up, but as usual he is spot-on.
    I am very surprised that YouTube hasn’t banned him yet.

  2. Ivan Denisovich says:

    I think PF might be the worst ever Pope by the time his pontificate is over. Not in personal morality but in damage done to the Church and souls lost. He certainly has to be in that discussion, at least at this stage.

  3. Paul says:

    This Australian priest sees what is going on. Copy and paste to YouTube. 15 mins.

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Trump knows.

  5. Chris M says:

    Wow Roman Catholics are now aligning with 500 years of Protestant teaching – the pope is the antichrist!

    Also this one is very dopey.

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