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13 Responses to Well?

  1. Chris M says:

    Well yes, indeed.

    Neither are Labor or their militant arm the unions of course. Looks like all the uniparty is about globalism hey Ant?

  2. MatrixTransform says:

    better the devil you know …

  3. Entropy says:

    Had an interesting conversation about someone who has had a bit to do with Albo over the years at local electorate and government level. I was a bit taken aback as Albo’s public face is a little bit more laid back. Let’s just say no one is a hater like an ALP hater, and they love to hate. Any difference, no matter how small, is deeply personal and the holder must be vanquished, unpersonned.

    I guess there are signs that bubble to the surface occasionally: it brings to mind that line “I like fighting Tories, it’s what I do” even though there are no Tories in this country. It’s the old Gramsci Rule Number 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, and polarise it.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    Albanese is NOT on my side either.

  5. Greg says:

    Pot calling kettle!

  6. Tel says:

    Cunning, the way Albanese so carefully avoids offering his own strategy, explaining what he would do better. Without a doubt, the one issue that is causing most distress amongst the working class in Australia would be mandatory vaccines … have we heard Albanese stand up against that? Have we heard any relevant comment at all?!?

    Anthony Albanese very consistently stands for nothing … he is on no one’s side.

    … even though there are no Tories in this country …

    Tony Abbott might just barely count as a Tory, in spirit if not in deed.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    He gets someone to write the tweets for him and he signs off on them or not. Usually. That’s what media advisers do. Essential gummint workers. Careless ones end up marrying them.

  8. Entropy says:

    Yes. Pretty sure the only side Albo is on, sadly like most of the horrible people interested in politics, is Albo’s.

  9. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Tony Abbott might just barely count as a Tory, in spirit if not in deed.”

    I would agree with that. Nice to see you Tel.

  10. Lee says:

    Albo may be right, but he is also an unprincipled hypocrite.
    Can anyone imagine Albo standing up against virtual mandatory vaccination?
    Or speaking out against what is happening in Danistan? (NSW maybe.)
    The very idea is too ludicrous to even consider.

  11. Lee says:

    What are Albo’s thoughts on the CFMEU leadership playing Judas and selling out its rank and file to Dictator Dan?

  12. a reader says:

    ScoMo might not believe in anything politically but Albo believes in stuff of even less substance

  13. Davey Boy says:

    apropos of nothing, here is a picture of Albo’s mum and dad (scroll down), infer for yourself the circumstances.

    My colleague’s father as subject master at a Sydney metro school last century had the misfortune of managing Albo’s mother (also a teacher at the time, I have the school yearbook photo), his assessment and recollections are, ah, the less said the better.

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