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7 Responses to No

  1. jupes says:

    FMD I should learn to read up …

  2. Doggy says:

    Until someone is charged with a crime it’s hard to take these articles seriously.

  3. Not Trampis says:

    and they say deplorables are stupid.

    this plan was absolute genius.
    Lose an election and then well after do nothing. Let a senate committee and then Mueller investigation find Russian involvement in the election.
    Then have the sitting minority vote and clearly very stupid president obstruct justice against something that did not happen.
    Sheer genius I say.

  4. Rex Anger says:

    Homer Paxton,

    You have the intellect of a crayon.

  5. Lee says:

    Don’t insult crayons, Rex.

  6. Entropy says:

    Butteridge’s law of headlines:

    Any headline asked as a question can be safely answered with a “no”.

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