He Needs His Head Red

PETER FitzSimons – alumnus of one-time Uniting Church buggery hub, Knox Grammar School – spent the morning yesterday discussing Dom Perrottet and pedophilia. While his ‘researchers’ pick another Dinkum Aussie to doodle for Fathers’ Day socks, jocks and bollocks shoppers, the Duke of Err himself was sliming a man whose IQ, according to Graham Richardson, has no equal (bar Paul Keating’s) in the copious rolodex of his political memory. The concocted pretext for the calumnies was the NSW Premier’s support for the confessional seal of the Catholic Church being off-limits to the state. The myth of a confessing molester and the priest allowing him to walk away – absolved and unreported to authorities – was promoted by the Royal Commission Into Getting George Pell and taken up by more than one Labor government as an ideologically useful Black Legend. It is so dumb that only a lapsed protestant hillbilly could believe it.

So much for ‘see you, hear you and believe you’

On the unhappy subject of child molestation, Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency released figures at the end of September that received less attention than they deserve. It turns out that in addition to being Australia’s worst covid controller and – since Monday – the worst lockdown blunderer in the world, Daniel Andrews has also presided over the worst surge in child sexual offences in Victorian history. Such crimes have skyrocketed by 44 per cent. In their summary of these 2020-21 statistics, Michael Fowler and Erin Pearson for The Age ignored the spike entirely.

The aforesaid Royal Commission’s boilerplate formula for enlarging culpability was “a culture of.” In the leftist Xanadu of Victoria today there is a culture of child abuse without Australian equal. It isn’t just the physical assaults – those not even preponderantly – but the hatred of all that is good, innocent, natural and true. Whether it’s denying the science of gender and life in utero or the need for a mother and a father, the debauching of history and curricula, the creation of a “non-essential” class of breadwinners, lying about ‘climate change’ or encouraging the bodily mutilation of minors, the Victorian left is now the Jimmy Savile of the Commonwealth.

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  1. cuckoo says:

    The President of Football [sic – they mean soccer] Australia yesterday delivered a scripted video statement about the allegations of lesbian sexual abuse in women’s soccer, in which he said to the complainants (through the camera) “We see you…we hear you…” Now where have I heard that before?

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “PETER FitzSimons – alumnus of one-time Uniting Church buggery hub, Knox Grammar School – spent the morning yesterday discussing Dom Perrottet and pedophilia. “

    A school that Pirate Man also sent his sons too. A school that had Mark Scott on the board (and may still). Pirate Man a hypocrite of the first order. You know, I just despise Pirate Man and his equally grotesque cane toad wife.

  3. rosie says:

    Oh so it is defending the seal of the confessional that has enraged twitter. I wondered.
    Only believed by ex protestant Hillbillies indeed.
    I recall linking a couple of articles at sunkcat, in which Risdale said he never went, which some hiding- their- bigotry-not-very-successfully cats claimed had to be a lie, so keen were they on the theory that Cardinal Pell ‘ knew’.

    Fr Frank Brennan said in fact he had never heard such a confession and I think that would be absolutely typical.
    A piece of legislation that will never see a prosecution without a set up by police out to get someone.

    As for Melbourne, this is what happens when people are locked into crowded flats for months on end.

  4. PJ says:

    On that logic every Judge and Lawyer that supports the principle of “Attorney-Client Legal Privilege” must also be a Pedophile; oh and an accessory/supporter to every crime that a criminal has confessed to them. In fact they get charged with a crime if they let the truth be known because the truth could somehow prejudice justice for the criminal’s case. Biggest Con in the “Justice” system.

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