No Time To Lie

Just shed the ideology momentarily. That is an imperative because not complying might be an expression of their liberty, but it’s also an existential threat to those that they interact with if they cannot demonstrate that they are vaccinated.”

– Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas claims that by not demonstrating vaccination, Limbrick and Quilty will kill everyone in the parliament.

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8 Responses to No Time To Lie

  1. Lee says:

    Just shed the ideology momentarily.

    Coming from the partisan Pallas very precious indeed!
    Pallas, like Andrews (both very unreasonable men), obviously believes vaccines don’t work.

  2. Lee says:

    Guilt-tripping that “we’re all going to die if you don’t get vaccinated!” is absurd emotional blackmail and doesn’t work on me.

  3. C.L. says:

    Matthew Guy agrees with Pallas.

  4. a reader says:

    Matthew Guy is as hopeless as Andrews. Or Napthine. Or Bailieu. When and why did the Lieborals in Victoria stop producing Menzies and Bolte types?

  5. Starting to look like the democrats. Any advantage, no matter how obtuse, in my opinion. Depriving them a seat in parliament may lead to an extension of the emergency powers as those votes are needed in the upper house.

  6. Not Trampis says:

    covid is much more deadly than anything that could affect a baby at child care etc and they all have to be vaccinated.

    What is the difference apart from people wanting to be selfish.

  7. Boambee John says:

    Non Compos Mentis again demonstrating his gross ignorance.

  8. Tel says:

    Was it also an existential threat last year? Or something changed this year?

    I was listening to the “Part of the Problem” podcast when they talked about the same nurses who in 2020 were on the front lines of the pandemic, with inadequate PPE and certainly got virus exposure on a semi-regular basis … we were supposed to worship these people at the time, and they do indeed deserve a modicum of respect for their work. Those same nurses are now getting fired because of the incredible danger that has apparently come up from nowhere because they don’t want this unreliable and risky vaccine.

    Then the hospital administrators wring their hands about staff shortages and how the medical system won’t be able to cope. This is of course completely ridiculous, but it’s all driven by politics and nothing to do with health.

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