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VICTORIAN Liberal Leader Matthew Guy had a tête-à-tête with The Age’s Annika Smethurst last week for a column published on Friday: Liberals’ moderate line will be key to Guy’s success. It was very nice of her to give tips to the Liberals on how to improve their electoral appeal. First order of victory-bringing business, according to Smethurst, is to hold the far-left line on – you guessed it – homosexuality. The second priority is to banish “conservatives” and “church groups.” Even though the Opposition had promised Christian and other critics it would, when returned to power, amend legislation banning non-existent “gay conversion therapy,” Guy now gives an “iron-clad guarantee” the law will never be modified. The Change and Suppression (Conversion) Practices Act makes it an offence punishable by ten years’ imprisonment to change another person’s sexuality or gender identity. The law doesn’t apply to those mutilating people in Victorian hospitals. It only applies to those allegedly encouraging people to remain who they really are.

During the same ‘reform’ onslaught, the Family Violence Protection Act was also amended to make any family members who counsel their own kin not to ‘change’ their identities liable to prosecution for domestic violence. “Prayer-based practices” – a Soviet-cyborg phrase denoting prayer with the identity-troubled – were also made criminal. Both amendment bills were passed into law with the Opposition’s support. Only Liberal MPs Bernie Finn and Bev McArthur voted against them. All of their colleagues voted to jail non-compliant mums and dads, pastors and priests. On Tuesday, The Age reported that Mr Guy had ‘threatened’ Finn because of his ongoing criticism of the ‘conversion’ laws and for describing Victoria Police as “the Despot’s militia.” As George Christensen discovered, the Liberal wing of the Uniparty officially endorses violence against citizens.

“It’s not new that Victoria is more socially liberal than Queensland or Western Australia or, nowadays, NSW. I think it’s a charming thing about our state.”

Not only is left-wing extremism “charming,” as the very chirpy Guy told Smethurst, it also gives the state a “different personality.” This sounds like a clumsy old euphemism for intellectually retarded. No-one who has seen the derision showered on it from around the world over the past few months could disagree Victoria is different, or doubt whose personality now defines it. The hate-mongering tyrant isn’t done yet. In early September, the Andrews government announced its intention to pass a new law that will ban faith-based institutions from employing staff according to their own, partly religious criteria. They will only be ‘permitted’ to choose who is admitted to their training colleges and seminaries or appointed to teach their faith. Atheist men in dresses who want to teach P.E. to your children must be hired.

As Monica Doumit has observed, “this is just slightly more freedom than is available in Communist China.” Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes claims the government wants to close an “unfair, hurtful” gap in anti-discrimination law. She means the gap through which religious believers have hitherto escaped hostile nihilists and wedding cake trolls whose only utility to the left is to destabilise faith from within. Symes and Andrews couldn’t care less about a transvestite social studies teacher who didn’t get the job at St Scholastica’s Primary. Matthew Guy, meanwhile, has again failed to oppose anti-religious fanaticism backed by the Premier’s internationally notorious monopoly of violence. His each way bet on this issue in September doesn’t count.

“Bipartisan support for the Victorian legislation would go some way towards buttressing the state act from federal intervention, and would enhance Mr Guy’s ambitions for a more ‘sensible and positive’ Victorian opposition. Furthermore, allocation of state government funding should be conditional on a school’s endorsement of these anti-discrimination laws. It’s only fair.”

Incitement: Fairfax calls for Christians to be unlawfully blackmailed by the Andrews government

The backdrop to the Red Terror in Victoria is the Morrison government’s Religious Discrimination Bill. Set to be introduced this month at about the same time as the Andrews bill, if passed it could override state Labor anti-faith laws. The extremist provisions in Queensland’s VAD legislation that mandate the commandeering of private property for euthanasia and ban conscientious objection, for example, could also be struck down. The gay lobby – in conjunction with the media, as always – is now running a campaign to scare off Coalition MPs. Haughty but now gentrified and predictable, the lobby’s creativity is long gone. In the current Weekend Australian Magazine, Greg Bearup tells a story whose plot devices are cookies from the same old cutter.

Two churchgoing gay men with hearts of gold meet through a dating app in their 50s, ‘marry’ in a civil ceremony and eventually find themselves at odds with the Anglican bishop (boo, hiss etc) for the obvious reason. Add luminous accolades from good old parish sticks, “blessings” from Catholic aunts, opinion polls, tut-tutting about “hard-right religious groups” and the boilerplate formula – at least to Bearup – is a winner whose implications are clear: Scott Morrison must drop his bill and back the Andrews and Palaszczuk governments when they start prosecuting parents and palliative care nurses. Why? Because a gay man who rejected his church’s doctrine on marriage wants to go on playing the organ for $25 a week. If the Prime Minister falls for this – as Mr Guy already has – religious liberty in this country will be dead.

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  1. Chris M says:

    Thanks CL, well put. ‘Left wing’ seems a euphemism for what the Bible calls ‘God haters’. And like their boss Satan they are becoming increasingly active and desperate as they see their time is short; eternal judgement awaits them. The only activist causes that fire them up now are those specifically anti-Christian ones, the rest like all the ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ have been discarded.

    Not only is left-wing extremism “charming,” as the very chirpy Guy told Smethurst, it also gives the state a “different personality.”

    Sure, Victoria (and much more so) Melbourne already has a prominent ‘image’ and a ‘personality’ now. Melbourne in particular is a California style dystopian fascist hellscape where everything that had been achieved in the past is now crumbling and the only path is downhill at ever increasing speed. I hope to never again in my remaining life have to visit the fascist pit that is Melbourne, literally the anus of Australia. Truth in advertising – use the latter slogan in a tourism ad Guy.

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    There’s a very good reason why I call him Groundhog Guy.

    The Victorian Liberals are worse than hopeless.

  3. Entropy says:

    Can see it now: a Muslim in a Jewish school.

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    C.L. I have written a piece on DB’s blog which he’s just uploaded…called “War declared in Victoria”. This piece from you confirms to me what I’ve written…which is the absolute futility of voting for Groundhog Guy and the stinking morass of a party he leads minus one or two exceptions.

  5. rosie says:

    Door Matt says Christians not welcome.

  6. dover_beach says:

    Great piece, C.L. The problem is the major parties are cut from the same cloth, culturally. The ALP and LNP are both liberal parties. There is nothing explicitly conservative in either any more. The LNP’s position on family and life is now indistinguishable from the view of H.G. Wells. Conquest was right; the drift of politics is now leftward/ liberal because the culture is aggressively left/liberal, and unless you deliberately tack right you will only drift ever more leftward.

  7. Not Trampis says:

    Christianity is a minority position. any reading of the bible will confirm this so I do not understand why people are astonished at hostility towards it.
    The problem for gay people is the same for heterosexuals’ in Christianity.. The only people who can have sex are a husband and wife to each other.

    I might add there is no such thing as a Christian baker, butcher or whatever. Selling your goods or services only to Christians would mean bankruptcy.

  8. Megan says:

    The choices for Christians in Victoria are declining at warp speed. The Victorian Liberal party are blithely heading down the same steep path to failure as the one in WA. Charming and chirpy indeed.

    It will totally serve them right.

  9. Boambee John says:

    Non Compos Mentis still all over the shop in a vain attempt to sound logical.

    Perhaps he could point us to the Bible verses stating that Christianity is to be a “minority” position. Is it the bit about going forth, being fruitful and populating the earth?

  10. Not Trampis says:

    that bit about the remnant could well be relevant but you clearly do not read it.

  11. Not Trampis says:

    another person might cogitate on the persecution Christians will face because of their beliefs.

  12. Tom says:

    Notice how effortlessly Annika Smethurst transitioned from the evil News Corp papers (where she won two journalists union Walkley Awards for hit pieces on LNP politicians) to state political reporter and chief cheerleader for the Andrews regime at The Age (a.k.a. Pravda On Yarra).

    A millennial who had her head filled with Marxist doctrine from the same uni (Monash) where Andrews was brainwashed, Smethurst has been in journalism five minutes and, like almost all females attracted to journalism, you can forget all that stuff about the public interest; she uses it to confirm her ideological biases – whatever it takes.

    Another good little radical white ant who loathes democracy and the voting public.

    Thanks, CL – a superb analysis.

  13. Davey Boy says:

    Vic liberals, micro-thin veneer, an ersatz opposition.
    Always was, Always will be.

  14. Morsie says:

    Didnt cover himself in glory when he was planning minister either

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