Look at Moy

They’ve got this freedom day; we don’t know what effect that’s going to have. We’ve actually got quite serious concerns about the management in New South Wales given the fact that they’ve really relegated their health advice to second place now.”

– Dr Chris Moy speaks of freedom like Elvis Presley’s early critics spoke of this rock n’ roll

In Dr Moy’s South Australia, the state has taken a 42 year-old man’s young daughter from his care because he failed to comply with a health “direction.” Police Commissioner Grant Stevens boasted on Triple M today that he is in charge of everything, including the science:

“What we’re doing in South Australia is we’re managing the COVID response under the Emergency Management Act, which means that me, as the state coordinator, has the responsibility for all of the decisions relating to what happens in South Australia. So the borders that we have in place, the restrictions on public activities and what happens to hospitality and gyms, all of that stuff is essentially my responsibility,” Mr Stevens said.

“I’m the guy who signs the paperwork that makes things happen.”

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5 Responses to Look at Moy

  1. Lee says:

    These wannabe dictators are really jerking themselves off on power.

  2. Cassie of Sydney says:

    The AMA has zero credibility….another institution completely hijacked and corrupted by the progressive left. It has declining membership and no longer represents most doctors in this country.

  3. Chris M says:

    RACGP gloating and mocking people desperate to avoid the clot-shot.

    If RACGP had an ounce of integrity and professionalism they would know that this situation is potentially unsafe for doctors and any forced medical procedure – much less an experimental one for a non-serious disease – is exceptionally unethical to say the least. If they represented real doctors they would strongly condemn this politicisation and the debauching of their profession.

  4. Tom says:

    We need a second Australian constitutional convention, one of whose tasks would be to investigate how many official public service positions, such as state police commissioners, could be removed from the public service and elected by popular vote.

    One of Australia’s many problems is that it has far too many unelected officials who, since they are directly accountable to no-one, effectively have no limits on their power and therefore design a system of personal power without limitation.

    This is a recipe for fascism that, until now in Australia, has been kept under control only by constitutional convention, not constitutional design.

  5. Buccaneer says:

    The AMA, happy to take both sides of an argument when it means bashing their political opponents

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