That and 1.42 million km² or 1 km² for every 0.18 of a person

People need to understand that as a government, we might not be able to protect them apart from the vaccine.”

– Northern Territory Health Minister Natasha Fyles

I didn’t know it was closed: NT COVID vaccination rates spark concern about reopening.

Meanwhile, Australians are now being told by professors that the vaccine is not enough:

With lockdowns in three states due to ease in coming weeks Australian National University’s infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon and University of Newcastle’s Professor Nathan Bartlett said fully vaccinated people needed to change their attitude to the virus…

“You might want to get it, you definitely want to get it. You definitely want to be vaccinated before you get it, because if you’re vaccinated your risk of death goes down,” said Professor Collignon.

Might or definitely? The professor isn’t sure. Without any vaccine at all, your risk of death is – and always was – close to zero. No other vaccine in history was marketed as an ameliorative whose full benefit can only be attained by attending a chicken pox party afterwards.

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5 Responses to That and 1.42 million km² or 1 km² for every 0.18 of a person

  1. Entropy says:

    Little miss entropy nearly died from Chicken Pox. Spent a week in isolation in hospital. Just sayin’.

  2. Chris M says:

    Well they are OK with vaccinated getting Covid because that’s the only way to acquire immunity – meaning the vaccine doesn’t work and wide resistance / herd immunity will only happen after a good percentage of the population have had Covid and acquired the immunity the vaccine couldn’t give.

    The only other option would be to utilise Ivermectin, but for some reason we wouldn’t want that would we….?

  3. rosie says:

    We should all know by now what the real problem is in the NT and I have no doubt there is a significant proportion of the population that are at serious risk from covid, and many other diseases barely seen in Melbourne or Sydney.

  4. Entropy says:

    Interesting looking at the shire level stats of vaccination rates in Qld
    Worst performers for uptake are Yarrabah, Cherbourg and Logan. I would say these are the highest risk communities due to prevalence of other co-morbidity risks, but I couldn’t see Hopevale, Arakun and Doomadgee which would be worse no doubt. Don’t understand slogan, but the indigenous communities they have been quite active campaigns with special clinics etc and the locals still couldn’t be bothered.

  5. Lee Saunders says:

    This site…
    … has news of things…
    infection rate of coronavirus increases with vaccination rate?
    …which ddg seems to confirm!

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