My Hospital Bed

THOSE of us old enough to remember the world before the ‘vaccines’ know that thousands of lives were impacted, permanently wrecked or lost as surgeries and diagnostic procedures were cancelled to protect the elderly. Reeking of boomer, one beneficiary of the carnage calls the ABC to complain about what some people haven’t done for her lately:

On the other side of town, as elective surgery was cancelled and even some emergency surgery moved offsite to private and other medical settings, one elderly caller angrily told me of her much-needed operation on a painfully fractured knee being called off, with no new date set, because “my hospital bed is being taken up by someone who couldn’t be bothered getting vaccinated”…

Our freedoms out of lockdown are being borne on the shoulders of healthcare professionals who end their days with cuts on their faces from their PPE and who haven’t had a break in months.

Like Virginia Trioli and her colleagues, nurses in Australia – most of whom have never attended to a coronavirus patient – have not missed a single pay-day. The burden of the lockdowns ordered by rich Premiers and CHOs has been borne by the ‘unessential’ class, not by healthcare professionals. Lately acquired interest in nurses cannot hide the obvious guilt ABC divas feel about getting paid ten times more for laptopping.

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  1. Lee says:

    … one elderly caller angrily told me of her much-needed operation on a painfully fractured knee being called off, with no new date set, because “my hospital bed is being taken up by someone who couldn’t be bothered getting vaccinated”…

    Sure it is. (/sarc off)

  2. rosie says:

    I don’t think they feel guilty at all.

  3. Tel says:

    The “Stupid Grandson Theory” describes a family where one generation builds the wealth, then next generation holds the wealth and maintains the status quo, and the third generation pisses it all away. Coincidentally, the deepest foundation of Hinduism is the three-step cycle: Brahma (creation), Vishnu (maintenance), Shiva (destruction).

    Seems to me that the boomers demonstrate that this generational theory does operate at the broader social level. The period from 1900 to 1950 was easily the biggest tech-boom in human history … farms started using tractors, the family horse was converted into the family car, Marconi transatlantic radio (1901), Edison patent NiCad battery (1902), ​”Wright Flyer” powered aircraft (1903), US Federal Reserve (1913), British Mark I Heavy Tank (1916), Einstein General Relativity (1917), Fleming penicillin (1928), Von Neumann Theory of Games (1928), Soviet T-35 (1935), Hoover Dam (1936), Heinkel jet & rocket aircraft (1939), Van Neumann computer architecture (1942), the Sturmgewehr (1943), atom bomb (1945), Shannon Information Theory (1948) … plus two world wars and a major economic depression in the process.

    They built a lot of new things those guys (good and bad, all depends on how you use it, dunnit?) … after 1950 humanity entered a stable consolidation phase building incremental improvements on what had already been done. Computers got smaller and faster, cars were more comfortable, missiles more accurate, food got cheaper, surgery techniques can now save people who would previously have died.

    Probably year 2000 was about the turning point when it started heading backwards, but the exact date is arguable.

    Post-normal science was in the 1990’s, but didn’t gain traction in academia for a while. The “Greenpeace Greenfreeze” idea of filling air conditioners with lighter fluid (calling it “R-600a”) was late 90’s but no one started doing anything with it until better options were outlawed. The US FDA approved the opiate OxyContin in 1995 on the basis that it was not addictive (!) but the opioid crisis consequences only came years later. The peanut-brain RoHS Lead-free solder was deployed in 2003, guaranteed to lower the reliability of electronic equipment. Hard to say when Modern Monetary Theory got started … Warren Mosler and Bill Mitchell have been peddling it since the 1990’s, fortunately without much initial success … the phrase “Deficits Don’t Matter” was Cheaney in 2002 but in reference to Reagan.

    The history of recent ideas is mostly a history of dumb ideas, and recycled ideas … and now we have the worst public health response in history … a response to a man-made virus where they guy provably responsible (Dr Peter Daszak) circled back to join the search party, and pretend to be concerned … yet this man is still free, with no consequence, while the rest of us are locked up!

    The Millenials are going to end up putting down their smashed avacado, and picking up the pieces after the whole thing tumbles down on their heads … good luck with that.

  4. Tel says:

    Revisiting this in the context of vaccine mandates … does anyone think it might be a bit strange to be busy putting medical staff on infinite leave over a false belief that vaccines stop the spread of infection? Then the same people grumble about lack of hospital capacity.

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