The terminally ill are committing suicide – so let’s kill them

AS on so many fronts today, the lying is relentless but those of us so inclined can never capitulate. So here we go again, this time regarding New South Wales: “Voluntary assisted dying” is homicide. Patients will not be “assisted.” They will be killed. Both parties will corrupt medicine itself, thereby endangering the lives of thousands in the future. If a candid dialogue is what euthanasia advocates want, it should be pointed out that the dying possess neither absolute moral authority nor foresight for generations. At a VAD photo-op this week, Liberal member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams claimed “overwhelming support” for a bill she has co-sponsored and Shayne Higson of ‘Dying with Dignity’ added the regulation mum or dad story:

“My own mum had brain cancer where the end stages is horrendous and it’s so traumatic to be forced to endure just the last few weeks of some of these illnesses.

“This is about giving dying people a compassionate, last resort choice.

“Data from the National Coronial Information System reveals that one in five suicides of people aged over 40 in NSW in 2019 were by people with a terminal or debilitating medical condition.

“And that is just unacceptable isn’t it?”

Hard cases and one-sided broken-heart stories of the kind being curated by the ABC (again) make bad law. Higson doesn’t explain why it is more acceptable for the state to offer an execution service to that 20 percent. Nor does he say how it will lift their spirits or make them feel more valued. Why are politicians and urgers suddenly treating euthanasia as an emergency action item? Whether it’s by design or is just cynical opportunism, they are taking advantage of the anything-goes hubris and mad-dash mania that continue to be hallmarks of the so-called pandemic.

There has been a lot of discussion lately by NIMBY libertarians – especially those of a certain age – on how vaccination mandates are not really antagonistic to freedom because a demonstrable public good (their own avoidance of a highly non-fatal flu) outweighs the private rights of everyone else. I would argue the externality of the state licensing killers will be the creeping, utilitarian diminution of the value assigned by medicine to the lives of the elderly, the terminally ill and the intellectually disabled. The merely private, perceived good of being euthanised – however fashionable it may be – is not worth that cost and never will be.

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  1. Chris M says:

    The new camps are temporary and only for that tiny group of broken people, not for the rest of us. And the ovens probably for bio-mass power generation.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    VAD for pollies and journos. Sorry, typo. That’s IAD (I for Inv).

  3. rosie says:

    No. The Netherlands has demonstrated, very well, the pressure put on vulnerable people to stop being a burden.

  4. Not Trampis says:

    I have usually found those who promote suicide have little understanding of palliative care.

    Covid is anything but non-fatal for those who do not have a vaccine. Indeed it is at odds with the entire article.

  5. C.L. says:

    About 99 percent of covid cases are non-fatal for the un-‘vaccinated.’
    Of the remaining 1 percent (which is a lot of people), ‘vaccines’ are said to reduce hospitalisation and death. They do not stop infection, illness or transmission.

    Being sceptical of forced vaccination is not “at odds” with opposing murder.

    That’s a silly argument.

  6. Harpo says:

    My job used to take me into nursing homes and I chatted to a number of the residents (those who were at least semi- conscious, a lot of them weren’t capable of communication). There were no ” zipidoodah” conversations but there were a number of complaints along the lines of “why are they keeping me alive?” and ” I just want to die.”
    Modern medicine can keep a lot of these half lives wallowing in their secretions for a few more years to no-ones benefit except for the self-satisfaction of a few theoreticians.
    For God’s sake, let those whose time has come pass on.

  7. Not Trampis says:

    We know between 1-2% dies from covid pre-vaccines. We do not know whether this continues now because no-one just looks at unvaccinated patients.
    you overlook long covid and people who die from illnesses that covid has provoked mainly in the heart, lungs and kidneys.
    So you have no problems with people dying from covid but are concerned with suicides’.
    Yes that is a complete contradiction.

  8. Chris M says:

    About 99 percent of covid cases are non-fatal for the un-‘vaccinated.’
    Of the remaining 1 percent (which is a lot of people), ‘vaccines’ are said to reduce hospitalisation and death.

    No need to be ‘about 99 percent” any more, we have good government data from England for delta. These are people that presented to hospitals, so the more serious cases:

    Deaths from unvaccinated people (currently around 25% of total) are 0.24%
    Deaths from vaccinated people (currently around 75% of total) are 1.6%

    So mortality is higher among vaccinated (in Scotland these make up around 80% of deaths now). Among unvaccinated the survival rate on these numbers is 99.76% however it’s actually much higher when allowing for the great number with covid that never went to hospital, so round it to 99.9% or one in a thousand. Rather like the flu.

    Oh and the “vaccine” doesn’t work.

  9. FlyingPigs says:

    Your lives belong to us from conception to grave.
    All bow to the State.

  10. FlyingPigs says:

    And to think, the entire ‘rationale’ of the covid response since March 2020 rested on, “lets do it so we don’t kill grandma!!!!”

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