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GOOD news tonight: Barnaby Joyce hasn’t committed to the weird, unachievable and meaningless emissions reduction target that nobody in Australia cares about. In 2021, that’s the nearest thing to bravery in politics you’ll see but is it just theatre? The Deputy Prime Minister made some excellent criticisms today of half-baked climateering. His combative analysis of the energy chaos unfolding in Europe and the UK was especially apposite. Climate carnival barkers are manic about Australia signing a COP26-staged deal now precisely because human disaster is on the cards in the northern winter. None of this is about an emissions target. The target is sovereign security Down Under for fund managers and gamblers.

“The Prime Minister might believe in miracles but I don’t think we should gamble people’s jobs on a wing and a prayer.” – Matt Canavan

After a four-hour party-room meeting today, the Nationals decided there is too little solid information on the table to justify endorsement of either Net Zero by 2050 or its idiot son, Net Something by 2030. One hopes this is more than an act to up the auction price and insulate regional MPs from blowback when hundreds or thousands start losing their jobs. There’s gold, after all, in them thar windmills. To sell a fake crisis, carbon Faucis are also selling the fake vaccine. Airing tonight are TV ads by an astro-turf group called Farmers For Climate Action. They don’t really look like farmers but nobody should doubt their ability to exploit a ‘renewables’ subsidy bonanza.

Reports suggest $20 billion is on offer to buy off the bush and the regions. Mr Joyce is saleyards-haggling for more in classic Country Party style. If Dom Perrottet is Premier of Australia and Scott Morrison Prime Minister of New South Wales, Barnaby is King of the Commonwealth for as long as the bull-trading goes on. The PM’s talent for disempowering himself is truly remarkable. If his Deputy has the nerve to bring the emissions question back to foundational premises where it is vulnerable to reality, and away from the feint of ‘the world has moved on,’ he could do something no other Nationals leader has ever done: save the nation.

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  1. C.L. says:

    Mr Joyce said he would not agree to any plan that would lead to a replication of the energy crisis being experienced in Europe.

    “When people talk about what will happen in the future, they refer to modelling and say ‘this is what we believe will be the truth’,” Mr Joyce said.

    “I have to say right now there are a lot of people in England who haven’t been told what would be the truth and now they are obviously living with the consequences.

    “The modelling was wrong and they now have an energy crisis and chaos.

    “We are very mindful of that because we have to be prudent. Whatever they did over there we have to make sure we don’t do here.”


    From The Australian: Climate agreement: Nationals stall on road to net zero.

  2. calli says:

    Whatever they did over there we have to make sure we don’t do here.

    Excellent. Now live up to that statement.

    We won’t forget it.

  3. Not Trampis says:

    The european crisis is over reliance on gas. didn’t know that was a renewable. Naturally the former regional accountant did not.

    We know from both Access economics and the BCA that adopting a net zero emissions target is great for the regions and the economy. Apparently Treasury agree . That is not surprising But our former regional accountant does not care. Typical.

    The other thing to note it would not affect mines much at all as their output is mainly exported. Other countries adopting such targets would affect out mines. the IEA said coal output could be reduced by 50 % if my memory serves me right.
    some Nationals simply want to leave their heads in the sand which is what luddites do

  4. Boambee John says:

    Non Compos Mentis still desperately trying to divert attention to the gross failures of the European fascination with solar (great idea for Germany, btw) and wind farms. The latter are now suffering from so-called “global stilling”, while solar was never a good idea outside the Mediterranean.

    NCM still also avoiding any discussion of the scale of batteries needed to cover the gaps in sun and wind, if gas is rejected. And totally ignoring the growth in coal powered generation around much of the world.

    NCM never lets reality interfere with his dream. Perhaps he could go renewable at home, with solar, wind and batteries, disconnect from the grid, and report back in a year? No? Doesn’t really believe his own sh1t.

  5. Lee says:

    Non Compos Mentis still desperately trying to divert attention to the gross failures of the European fascination with solar (great idea for Germany, btw) and wind farms.

    Yes, the main reason Europe/UK are so desperate for gas is because of the utter failure of renewable energy.
    I suppose when Net Zero kicks in Australia, and we are suffering continuous rolling blackouts and shivering or roasting it will still be coal’s fault, even though all coal stations are closed .

  6. Not Trampis says:

    oh dear, find out how much gas is a % of energy and how much renewables are.
    In the UK it is 77%. In other words they cannot replace it if an event like this occurs.

    In other words the current energy crisis is a fossil fuel crisis.

    Gas being rejected? Where

    Deary me anther example of a person not realising the difference between wholesale and retail markets and I even showed him.

    This is what is called another black knight event.
    It is a regular occurrence

  7. Boambee John says:

    Non Compos Mentis

    In other words [Ruinables] cannot replace [gas] if an event like this occurs.

    So you acknowledge that the big European push to ruinables has not delivered reliable, continuous power to replace that previously delivered by fossil fuels. In reality, the only real hope to replace fossil fuels with non-emitting power is the widespread use of nuclear. Or is that against your (Green) religion?

  8. Boambee John says:

    PS, “Gas being rejected? Where?”

    Here in Australia. Are you too ill-informed to be aware of Lock the Gate and other anti-gas lobby groups? And there are similar groups in the UK.

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