On The Road With Mark and Paul

PEACEFUL protesters who gathered in Perth’s CBD yesterday to voice their opposition to unlawful mandatory vaccination have drawn predictable criticism and mockery from the state branch of the AMA. The failing left-wing union now represents only 30 percent of GPs. Amplifying free of charge the rally’s main beef – officialdom’s arrogant extremism – AMA state president, Dr Mark Duncan-Smith, says there is “no argument” that everyone must be vaccinated and that the non-vaccinated are “pro-disease.” This idiotic abuse was bad enough but his sales pitch – “the vaccine is safe, it’s effective” – was contradicted by an accountant on the same bandwagon:

A number of people wearing high-visibility clothing appeared to oppose a recently announced requirement for resources sector workers to have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine by the start of December…

At the time the policy was announced, Chamber of Minerals and Energy CEO Paul Everingham said workers were free to not get vaccinated.

“But with freedom comes personal responsibility, and with freedom doesn’t come the right to impose your illness on other people,” he said.

“I wouldn’t say there is an obligation on anyone to provide a job to someone who chooses not to have a vaccination.”

Everingham is saying that employers have a right to impose unemployment at will but people have no right to be unvaccinated. Why? Because the unvaccinated will make the vaccinated ill – despite the vaccines being “effective.” It’s instructive to be reminded how bitterly contemptuous of workers corporations really are and how ethically dim their bulbs.

Every week, I decide to stop covering the vaccine wars because I have no intention of losing friends at a time when the rightist like-minded should be more united than ever before. But every week the fascist rhetoric and bizarre irrationality gets worse; it’s too egregious to ignore. On Friday, Katrina Kelly in The Anti-Australian demonstrated how wacko some vaxxer quackers have become. “There is an American website called sorryantivaxxer,” she begins, promoting a schadenfreude porno-site that ridicules the unvaccinated dead. When you’re following Peter FitzSimons – he pulled a Toobin using the same site a month ago – you’re beyond inocculating for malignity.

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8 Responses to On The Road With Mark and Paul

  1. Not Trampis says:

    alas some people do not believe all lives are scared.

    Apparently it is okay to kill people by not being vaccinated. not it is not. nor is it okay to give them long covid merely because you are selfish.

    Secularism has a lot to answer for.

  2. C.L. says:

    Apparently it is okay to kill people by not being vaccinated

    So you’re saying the vaccine doesn’t work.

  3. Lee says:

    That’s exactly what he is saying, C.L.
    Critics of those opposed to the “deadly” unvaxxed are suffering paranoia on steroids, and a complete lack of commonsense and logic.

  4. Lee says:

    Ignore the words “Critics of” in my previous post.
    Darn lack of edit function.

  5. rosie says:

    Like ‘fr’ bowers, sorry that’s ‘the venerable’ bowers claiming letting fully vaccinated Australians travel home from overseas will ‘kill us all’.
    Vaccined or unvaccinated, everyone’s a threat to idiots.
    Btw I’m willing to bet a scroll down his timeline will reveal furious indignation at the government temporarily closing the border to covid infested flights from India a few months ago.
    The only people the unvaccinated are a significant threat to are themselves.
    And once again what Steven Waterson said a few weeks ago about that.

    yes really

  6. FlyingPigs says:

    I want net zero NOW, and Insurance Statistics on all AMA members.

  7. FlyingPigs says:

    Chamber of Minerals and Energy

    sounds like a title in the Harry Potter world, whose author has more integrity and gumption than Everingham.

  8. twostix says:

    If a person is ‘high risk’ the vaccines as promised were their last hope. 98% effective, two jabs and it’s all over – total immunity – literally the only thing that was going to protect them from certain death. That is what they were promised.

    Now they’re finding out that they don’t work very well, no any front, not very effective, barely prevents transmission, doesn’t last, doesn’t handle mutations. So at best they protect some on the margins for a few months, maybe. So like a drowning man ‘at risk’ people are thrashing around grabbing onto everything and everyone looking for a saviour. That’s where a lot of the support for the illogical weirdness is coming from ‘unvaccinated must get vaccinated to protect the already vaccinated!’, it’s not logical, but that’s the point. But look at it from their point of view, their promised great last hope is failing in real time, and according to Science!(tm) without it they’re staring down the barrel of imminent death, so irrationality must take over.

    They’ll start blaming unvaccinated dogs and cats eventually.

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