Whatever The Cost May Be

Anyone who’s into sprinkles will know what I’m on about. Sprinkles you can get in this country are totally shit. They look wank, they bake wank. If I can’t use the imported ones, I won’t use any. I will be on sprinkle strike and won’t budge for no man.”

– Dauntless Leeds baker and free marketeer, Rich Myer

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5 Responses to Whatever The Cost May Be

  1. rosie says:

    Go Rich!

  2. Lee says:

    Mr Myers said the bakery was reported to Trading Standards, which ordered them to stop using the sprinkles immediately.

    Reported by which busybody?
    I despise dobbers.

  3. Tel says:

    I thought the UK is no longer under the boot of the Brussles regulators.

    Didn’t they already have freedom day?

  4. Shy Ted says:

    Born and raised in Leeds. That’s how we used to talk. Shit this, wank that. Living in Oz is sooooo hard where you have to watch every word. Effin ceeeees.

  5. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    Sad for his customers about the sprinkles, but great story on Rich. Maybe he should start writing stuff on his cookies about sprinkles and call himself something like the commonsense baker

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