That’ll put a stop to it

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4 Responses to That’ll put a stop to it

  1. Shy Ted says:

    Let’s go Turdeau.

  2. a reader says:

    I have to give the NBC lady full credit for coming up with that on the fly. Given how sensitive Americans are to hearing swear words on the television it was a very quick cover. She’s a sports reporter not a politics reporter after all.

    As for the Canadians…heaven help them. They just reelected that sleazy face painting enthusiast

  3. Boambee John says:

    The nation formerly known as Canada is now Truedopia.

  4. Rex Anger says:

    LGB! LGB! LGB!

    (Perfectly legal, and it is an existing product brand. So all good. 🙂 )

    It is amusing though, that the leftists are so desperate to clamp down on the mockery. Almost as if the Class Enemies have a point to rally around and resist…

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