Tim Blair, scourge of plastic turkeys, bags another one

AN astounding claim by Malcolm Turnbull in his newspaper – the Guardian – about the January 6 Capitol ‘riot’ caught Blair’s attention. How could it not? Here’s what Malcolm Ex wrote:

They assembled in their thousands. Trump wound them up with a typically inflammatory address, culminating in a call to march on the Capitol.

The mob proceeded to besiege and break into the home of US democracy. They surged through the corridors, threatening to hang Pence and the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Several security guards were killed…

The actual number of “security guards” killed was zero. This howler indicates that Turnbull didn’t do any in-depth – heck, even cursory – reading on the hyper-ballyhooed event. Obviously, he only took in a sampling of fake news tweets. Even more remarkable: the Guardian article is actually the new foreword to the paperback edition of Turnbull’s book, A Bigger Picture. None of the editorial staff at Hardie Grant Books noticed.

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13 Responses to Tim Blair, scourge of plastic turkeys, bags another one

  1. Chris M says:

    You can scoff CL but how would we know… I heard there is only a smouldering hole left where the Capitol once stood. Apparently that is why all the videos and evidence is gone and can’t be produced in court.

    Turnbull is right to fear the might of the Trump army. One word from the master and the tornado of destruction moves in, no one and no thing survives.

  2. dover_beach says:

    The ignorance displayed by Turnbull is instructive. Everything he said indicates he has imbibed the media’s lies without ever pausing to check a claim. Why would he? They advance his social interests.

  3. harrys on the boat says:

    Sinclair Davidsons Maolcolm Turnbull is everything that is wrong with Australia and Australian politics. An utter fucking disgrace. And, unfortunately, an unflushable turd.

  4. Lee says:

    I will never forgive John Howard for talking Turdbull out of quitting the Liberal Party years before the latter became PM.

  5. FlyingPigs says:

    Turnbull is a Soros bum boy.

    He wasn’t mistaken.

    He is a deliberate bullshit artist.. and an evil prick.

    Why did Kerry Packer get rid of him????

  6. FlyingPigs says:

    Check the Turnbull association with Pacific Island sawmilling.

    He and that Wong chap made sure they destroyed the Snowy Mountain Irrigation Scheme and hence the MIA.

  7. rosie says:

    Can only assume the rest of the book was written with the same attention to detail and veracity.
    There seems to be an increasing cohort of people that thinks everyone else is dumb and facts don’t matter.
    All about the narrative.

  8. cuckoo says:

    It bears repeating that this shows he didn’t even follow the standard reporting of this event at the time, let alone any follow-up. Occasionally I meet this sort of elite-establishment progressive, who all consider themselves deeply well-informed, but who often turn out to be staggeringly ignorant of daily events. Rather like when St. Julian of Burnside was called out for attacking Israel over Gaza without ever having been there, and he replied sniffily that he knew about the situation because he watched the ABC and SBS, so there.

  9. Texas Jack says:

    Turnbull’s so smart he’s certain the residents of Wolseley Road are a representative sample of the rest of the country.

  10. Not Trampis says:

    Tim Blair I remember him. No sense of humour. Said most of the bushfires were started by arsonists and then could not or would not apologise or simply correct the record when this was shown to be false.

    I can see why you hold him in such esteem

  11. Tom says:

    Tim Blair I remember him. No sense of humour.

    Thanks, Homer. Laughed out loud.

    Are you selling tickets to your alternate reality? I’m sure they’d be popular with diseducated millenials.

    Oh god. I’ve just remembered you’ve been trolling non-leftard blogs for decades. That means you’re not only stupid, but old. There’s a special category for that.

  12. Not Trampis says:

    I see you completely ignore the inaccurate information he put out. It is very funny anyone takes him seriously really.

  13. JC says:


    On his very site, on Blair’s blog, you began the decades long defence of Skanke Ho.

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