Blue Monday

QUITE the sinister novelty in the history of medicine. A health minister announces “booster shots across the whole population” before the drugs-approval agency even decides whether they’re either safe or necessary. The TGA will “look” at the Pfizer data “on Monday.” A mechanic might say that about replacing the worn engine mounts in your clapped-out Mazda Capella. Be ready by five, Mr Hunt. Of course they’ll be approved. The lookers don’t have a choice. As a matter of scientific fact, children don’t require covid vaccines but ‘health officials’ are not free to say that either. They have their orders. Children are being targeted for a political purpose: governments refuse to concede the virus is harmless to anyone lest a happy fact dulls the impact of their grim-reaper porn. The history of tyranny proves that crazed totalism like this never ends well.

That’s no longer a mere prophecy. It is already semi-illegal in Australia to earn a living to feed your family if you’re not vaccinated. Last week, childless Annastacia Palaszczuk (salary: $7,800 a week) decreed it would be up to Queensland business owners to decide if they would accept the custom of the unvaccinated. All of the premiers and the Prime Minister have been perverting the law by using the same tactic. Northern Territory Chief Minister and Bachelor of Arts graduate, Michael Gunner (salary: $6,200 a week), virtually bragged about how little concern he had for the sacked unvaxxed. It being unquestionably unlawful to force medical procedures on citizens, our leaders have leased a sliver of the monopoly of violence to the private sector. This is the only verified sighting of laissez-faire during the entire covid crisis.

But employers who think Australian governments have a new reverence for private property rights probably also think the SS commissioned kapos to make Jews feel at home. Yes, it’s permissible for a Queensland trader not to sell a skateboard or a Heineken to an unvaccinated 20 year-old but it’s illegal for a hospital not to host the VAD-murder of an octogenarian.

Health minister Greg Hunt (salary: $7,000 a week) hasn’t been moved to tears by the latter crime but he did shed a few last week when asked about “anti-vaccination protesters” who publicised the home address of the NT’s Mr Gunner. Those responsible for past criminal threats against the Hunt family – like the zealots who wanted to bring their anger to the Chief Minister’s doorstep – deserve contempt and prosecution. What I find nauseating, nevertheless, is Mr Hunt describing Australia’s parliamentary class as “overwhelmingly public servants that seek to serve the nation” in a tradition of “national tolerance and mutual respect.” Not one MP or minister in the country sacrificed a red cent over the past 20 months. We’ve seen homes invaded, Mr Hunt. Pregnant mothers arrested in front of their children, old men beaten, old ladies assaulted, protesters charged down on horseback or shot in the back with rubber bullets. Our “public servants” cheered. Your fraternal concern for a fellow aristocrat is noted but isn’t remotely touching.

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3 Responses to Blue Monday

  1. jupes says:

    Yes, it’s permissible for a Queensland trader not to sell a skateboard or a Heineken to an unvaccinated 20 year-old but it’s illegal for a hospital not to host the VAD-murder of an octogenarian.

    Shits going downhill pretty fast now.

  2. Chris M says:

    Rather like my gay boss insists I bend over for him at least twice a year or I’ll lose my job. I don’t want this painful insertion and injection of some horrid substance which may or may not cause a long term or even fatal disease.

    But what can I do, the government backs his position and says I can’t discriminate but he can. Voting for the gay marriage thing, we didn’t realise then it was going to become compulsory for all except the elite classes.

  3. Shy Ted says:

    I’ve got a new bucket list. The last one had things to do on it. This one has prominent people.

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