Covidians use Jews to justify liquidation of whistle-blower

A Fair Work Commission deputy president who compared vaccine mandates to “medical apartheid” has been ordered to undergo training, excluded from full bench cases and told she would not be allowed to adjudicate workplace disputes about vaccination.

Fair Work president Iain Ross took the action against Lyndall Dean, who also said she would disqualify herself from hearing vaccination cases on the grounds of bias.

The revelations came hours after Senate estimates heard Ms Dean endorsed a social media post that likened Australia’s Covid response to “Chinese-style totalitarianism” and the Holocaust.

In a recent dissenting judgment, Ms Dean said blanket rules, such as mandating vaccinations for everyone across a whole profession or industry regardless of the actual risk, fail the tests of proportionality, necessity and reasonableness.

“All Australians should vigorously oppose the introduction of a system of medical apartheid and segregation in Australia.

“It is an abhorrent concept and is morally and ethically wrong, and the antithesis of our democratic way of life and everything we value,” she wrote.

In China, as in Nazi Germany, the punishment for a judge or tribunal official who makes a decision or remark contrary to the state’s ideology is banishment and ‘re-education.’ In Australia today, the punishment for a judge or tribunal official who makes a decision or remark contrary to the state’s covid ideology is… banishment and ‘re-education.’ Like the CCP-like erasure of Michael Leunig – ironically, for comparing Australian covid authoritarianism to China’s – the gas-lighting of Lyndall Dean is one of those stunning own goals scored by people so arrogant and sanctimonious that they appear to possess as little self-awareness as they do shame.

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The Australian’s social affairs editor Stephen Lunn was not telling the whole story when he claimed that Dean had “endorsed” the likening of this country’s “covid response” to the Holocaust. At least Fairfax’s Nick Bonyhady includes the context:

The post she endorsed begins with the author recounting how her father survived the Holocaust, which started with “small seemingly plausible steps, all couched in terms of what was for the ‘greater good’.”

Alluding to the coronavirus pandemic, the post then states the West has faced other seasonal respiratory pandemics without “adopting all the trappings of totalitarianism fuelled by irrationality and fear”.

“The World Health Organisation has never before endorsed measures with health and social impacts that will last generations … we have imported Chinese style totalitarian social control mechanisms based upon very selective science.”

“Now we are at the precipice of another global tragedy fanned again by ideology of ‘health’ for the majority.”

It concludes with a photo of two Hungarian Jews wearing yellow stars, an identification device Nazis forced on Jewish people to aid their campaign of genocide and persecution during the Holocaust.

So a Jewish woman expressed an informed opinion about the portents of tyranny, segregation and violence based on historical facts pertaining to former pandemics and her family’s own experience. Now, traditionally, whenever the Holocaust is referenced by a non-leftist, journalists immediately phone the Anti-Defamation Commission whose chairman responded predictably: “Such abhorrent comparisons are profoundly hurtful,” Dr Dvir Abramovich said, “cross many red lines and trivialise humanity’s most immense tragedy.”

Sorry, Dr Abramovich, but you do not personally own the Holocaust – over and above other Jews. Nor do you have the right to – dare I say it – trivialise the 40+ million gentile victims of the Third Reich by staking a claim to superior immensity. As for comparisons of extremist behaviour – say, Nazis smashing shop windows and Victoria Police shooting citizens in the back – they are neither abhorrent nor hurtful. While some analogies with the Holocaust can certainly be a stretch, it is no stretch at all to compare its origins with the usurpation of democracy and the rule of law under the pretext of an “emergency.” We do not honour Hitler’s victims by forgetting his less spectacular but foundational crimes.

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5 Responses to Covidians use Jews to justify liquidation of whistle-blower

  1. Lee says:

    Fair Work president Iain Ross took the action against Lyndall Dean, who also said she would disqualify herself from hearing vaccination cases on the grounds of bias.

    And those who disagree with her – like Ross – are not “biased”?
    Pull the other one!

    This is absolutely disgraceful; “reeducation” definitely has precedents in totalitarian societies, like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and communist China.

  2. dover_beach says:

    C.L., the dead giveaway here is that they had nothing substantive to say about her cogent dissent in the relevant vax case. They trawled here LinkedIn page for something trivial to question her integrity. I imagine they feverishly did the same following Weinberg’s dissent in the Pell appeal but found nothing. It’s hard to imagine how much lower things can get here but I never imagined the last two years so I’m not ruling out anything.

  3. vlad redux says:

    She’s been unfairly dismissed by the FWC.

  4. Not Trampis says:

    So she has been liquidated eh. Only problem is she still works there and is alive.
    The hyperbole continues by continuing to compare our response with China.
    Unvaccinated people are more likely to get covid According to an article in yesterday’s conversation if they have covid they are 10 times more likely to give it to anyone.
    covid has bad consequences. On the odds dying directly from it is the highest. dying indirectly from is more likely and then getting long covid is again more likely.

    so sad this blog is full of secularists.

  5. dover_beach says:

    Homer, what is the absolute risk of an unvaxxed v vaxxed person having COVID? And what is the absolute risk of unvaxxed v vaxxed person passing on COVID? Without these numbers these relative risk numbers are meaningless fluff.

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