ABC: Black markets are good. Also ABC: Black markets are bad

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5 Responses to ABC: Black markets are good. Also ABC: Black markets are bad

  1. Lee says:

    Good old, reliable ABC.
    You can rely on it to be flip-flopping all over the place, depending on whether it considers the “cause” or the politics a good one or not.
    Evidently, saving lives from Covid with Ivermectin is not a good cause, as far as the ABC is concerned.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Wow, these 2 are across the important issues.
    1 article a fortnight
    2 articles for 2021

  3. Terry says:

    Really? The Telegram channel “created” the Black Market?
    I would have thought the TGA/Government’s irrational ban on the drug did that all by itself.

  4. John H. says:

    Medicinal cannabis is very difficult to obtain so the black market will persist. It is a rip off. It is cheaper on the street which speaks volumes about the profits to be made. There are now nearly a dozen conditions for which medicinal cannabis is approved in Australia. In the USA where cannabis has been legalized there has been a drop in opioid prescribing. Guess which is safer …

  5. Chris M says:

    Thanks ABC, reminds me to order another batch of Ivermectin. Could be another Wuhan wave following the jabs, like in the UK folks now have lowered immune system and all.

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