Not sure I approve of the Red Ensign being waved upside down

But apart from that – and the media lying about “hundreds of people” – this is wonderful.

Speaking of the Red Ensign, I’ve been really delighted to see it revived as a people’s standard over the last 20 months. Until 1954, the status of the “Red Duster,” as the Diggers called it in wartime, was vague. In that year, Robert Menzies decreed that the Blue Ensign would be the official state flag and the Red the flag of merchant naval shipping. Though the latter had always been popular with everyday Australians and the Blue regarded as a government flag, it’s thought Menzies wanted to delineate their uses because red had become the colour of communism, not Empire. Anyway, it’s interesting to see it reclaimed. I expect there will soon be “calls” to ban it as a Nazi hate banner.

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  1. Shy Ted says:

    Hmm, cops masked, crowd not. Be interesting to see whether they start fining people based on mobile phone location. And there were dozens of people, not hundreds. Lots and lots of dozens of people.

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