The Vaxploitation of Mr Raman

REMEMBER the promotionally useful Duran Raman? He was the athletic and unvaccinated 30-something whose media-managed rise to notoriety coincided with the Palaszczuk/Young syringe ’em all tour. A fake lockdown panic was cultivated last month when the covid-infected Uber driver allegedly crossed the Queensland border illegally. He was defamed as “Public Enemy Number 1” by News Corp in extravagant Sunday coverage and became a poster boy for the cause of nudging the young to be ‘vaccinated.’

On Friday Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said Gold Coast University Hospital medicos were “keeping a very close eye on him”.

“That is terrible. He is a very young, fit man who was not vaccinated and he is now extremely sick.”

Dr Young used Mr Raman’s poor health as a reminder for Queenslanders to get jabbed as soon as possible.

“The best thing we can all do to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated so we don’t end up in that situation,” she said.

To spice up the propaganda, journalists were told by Dr Young that “he’ll probably need to go into intensive care.” (Spoiler alert: he didn’t). Raman was purportedly so sick he was “unable to speak.” And yet four days later the Gold Coast Bulletin reported the energetic and garrulous misbehaviour of this supposedly frail former he-man:

A source said Mr Raman had been “abusing the nurses all night, calling them c–ts, and saying he doesn’t really have Covid and that Covid isn’t real”.

“He left his room and exposed the whole ward to Covid,” he alleged.

“They had to call police.”

It turns out Gold Coast police weren’t very interested in the hysteria of “a source”:

A Gold Coast police spokeswoman said: “Police are not investigating an incident at a health facility on the Gold Coast.”

“Around 9am yesterday police were called to a health facility due to a minor disturbance.

“The matter was resolved quickly and without any issue.”

Said to be without the power of speech and confined to an “isolation room” – making it difficult to tell his side of the story – Raman was today fined $4135 for the border crossing and will be entitled to leave hospital within the next few days. A fourteen day stay is the maximum that can be imposed on a covid-positive patient for purposes of quarantine. To welcome him back to the outside world – if he is well enough to be discharged – has been pestering Uber to say if it intends to let Raman (of all people) work under its auspices again. No definitive conclusions now except to point out that this is quite the gangster arc for a man who hasn’t been charged with a crime, hasn’t hurt anybody and is yet to make a statement. The number of people who tried to cross the Queensland border without “proper authorisation” on Sunday alone: 8000.

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10 Responses to The Vaxploitation of Mr Raman

  1. Entropy says:

    Yes, unable to speak to police was more likely he was uncooperative, as was obvious at the time, but suited the Covidstapo regardless. And the news coverage has been appalling and that journalists are actively striving to unperson him is scary.
    That said, he is clearly a total dickhead.

  2. Chris M says:

    His only serious crime is really bad tattoos.

  3. rosie says:

    8000 tried?
    I wonder how many they missed.
    I despise Palaszczuk as much as I despise Andrews.
    Coming up six months since we have seen our little Queensland family.
    If Palaszczuk can’t drive people to the vaccination hub she only has herself to blame.

  4. jupes says:

    That said, he is clearly a total dickhead.

    Not to me.

  5. Shy Ted says:

    Big question. Is he now vaccinated? Cos he wouldn’t have complied. So did they?

  6. Drax says:

    So the guy picks up a virus, goes to hospital and gets treated and is released 4 days later. Happens every day, isn’t that what hospitals are for?

  7. turnip says:

    So he drive an Uber for 2 weeks while infected with a deadly contagion….and infected no one?

  8. Entropy says:

    No one

  9. Ed Case says:

    Big question. Is he now vaccinated? Cos he wouldn’t have complied. So did they?

    Can they?
    They’ve got an out, if he drops dead after getting the shot, they can claim it as a Covid Stat.

  10. Columbo says:

    Who is Duran Raman ? Where is he now ? Is he still infectious ? No facebook or instagram accounts with that name ? One minute he is on hi flow oxygen in a covid/intensive care ward 2 days later he is trying to escape the ward and abusing the nurses ? If he can hardly breath and could not communicate with the authorities why could he not write on a peace of paper or text type his communication ? No one knows of him ? No parents , siblings , friends or even Uber customers have come forward to tell there story about him ? His place of residence where he was infectious from the 11th of October was not put onto lockdown nor the neighbours asked to be tested . There is only one photo circulating the media of a man doing a strenuous arm curl with dumb bells at a gym ! Which gym does he go to ? Does anyone know ? I have asked someone who works at the Hospital if they know of this man being admitted and his currant condition with to this day no answer ??? From the very beginning of this national headline on mainstream media i knew there was something wrong with this story and im not leaving this alone ! The deputy Police Commissioner told media that they gave this man Duran Raman an on the spot fine of $4135 for border evasion and then comments saying that he understands that he( Duran Raman ) is in Hospital ! My question is that if Duran Raman was slapped with an on the spot fine ? Would ‘nt the police confirm that he was still in Hospital ? And if not where is he now ? Why is there no media waiting for him to be discharged or going to his place of residence to ask him questions like the usually do ? All these questions and no one can answer these !!!

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