We Won

DESCRIBED by Spanish Civil War historians Chris Ealham and Michael Richards as “an assault on the public presence of Catholicism,” in August 1936 a communist firing squad “executed” the huge Monument of the Sacred Heart on the Cerro de los Angeles in Madrid:

The Monument of the Sacred Heart today:

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3 Responses to We Won

  1. rosie says:

    Thank you CL. I’ve been to Madrid a couple of times and never visited this perhaps next time.

  2. cuckoo says:

    Nice point, well made. If I live my full span, I expect to see nobody faffing about their pronouns, or what the ‘real’ aboriginal name of Melbourne is. On the other hand, I will probably have to endure seeing hospitals named after Daniel Andrews, Brett Sutton and Anthony Fauci.

    Oh, and I also hope to live to see a Catholic elected Pope.

  3. Wyndham Dix says:

    Thank you also C.L.

    Incarnation – Crucifixion – Resurrection – Ascension – Parousia in time to come. Those who fired bullets that day and others who later all but demolished the original monument with dynamite evidently lacked any conception of what they were trying to destroy.

    Any who later repented will have come to know the love and forgiveness symbolised by the outstretched arms of The One whose likeness stands atop the monument.

    Christianity is either the most enduring hoax perpetrated on mankind, or it is true, as you, I and many believe. Without it, the still relatively civilised though abysmally fallen Western world would not be.

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