Gay men ignored warnings and got the disease. Right, Bob?

I’m just reconciling the sentiment of these two tweets by a former Premier of New South Wales.
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13 Responses to Gay men ignored warnings and got the disease. Right, Bob?

  1. jupes says:

    Ha Ha! Good get C.L.

    In a rational world, Carr would be deeply shamed by this blatant hypocrisy. However it has been a long time since we’ve lived there.

  2. Lee says:

    Bob Carr a massive hypocrite and a heartless bastard to boot.
    Who’d have thought it?
    The “unvaxxed” also pay taxes for hospitals, etc.
    I never liked the man in the least, and I have never even lived in N.S.W.

  3. local oaf says:

    If the unvaxxed are to be denied the benefits of being a citizen, then they should not have to pay taxes anymore. State or Federal.

  4. rosie says:

    Homosexual men apparently have HIV parties, bad luck for the taxpayers picking up their lifelong treatment tabs.

  5. Shy Ted says:

    How does that song go? “Stick your vaccine, Stick your vaccine, Stick your vaccine up you ….”

  6. Ed Case says:

    Money is needed to pay Taxes, from what I’m hearing, the non compliant won’t be allowed into any Workplace after New Year.
    Any bank, Courthouse, Hospital, supermarket, where you earn a living, those are all Workplaces under the State Acts.

  7. Chris M says:

    Well I think the antivaxxers should at least be blocked from access to the ABC as punishment.

  8. C.L. says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me at all, Ed.
    When the vaccinated case numbers start climbing, governments will have to find another gear of distraction and the blanket ban you mention may be it.

  9. Not Trampis says:

    Carr has lost his marbles.
    In a civilised society everyone who is ill is treated no matter the consequences.
    What next we ban smokers ,heavy drinkers those obese?

  10. turnip says:

    Ok Bob, now do fatties.

  11. twostix says:

    The argument is obvious and compelling I know, but comparing perfectly healthy normal people to “smokers” or aids ridden junkies or morbidly obese people is self defeating. Smokers are more analogous to MRNA vaccine recipients, historically (‘a smoke a day keeps the doctor away! [Surgeon General’s advice funded by Camel]’) and in terms of it is many of them who are accepting a wild drug into their body and taking risks for no reason other than cultural and peer pressure.

    What we really have is the question that previously existed in stupid science fiction: will normal ‘natural’ healthy humans be allowed to exist in this ‘new normal’ society of biotech mRNA ‘platforms’ and enhancements and therapies, without medical / biotech enhancements.

    The answer we’re being given right now is: absolutely not. You must accept the new technology, or as a free born natural and healthy human being you are not allowed into the new medical technological ‘society’ that they are rolling out.

  12. Boambee John says:

    What next we ban smokers ,heavy drinkers those obese?

    Non Compos Mentis smokes, drinks, and is obese? Deplorable!

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