Hero doc’s enemies attacked him in 2013 for not killing girl

Neo-Nazis have been after Dr Hobart since 2013: Doctor investigated for refusing abortion.

A Melbourne doctor may be stripped of his medical licence after he refused to give a couple an abortion because they only wanted to have a boy.

The Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) have investigated Sunshine general practitioner, Dr Mark Hobart, 55, for five months.

Dr Hobart, who has practised for 27 years, has been investigated by the board under the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008 for failing to refer a female patient seeking treatment and advice on abortion to a non-objecting practitioner, for demonstrating a disregard for his obligations as a medical practitioner and for disregarding patient rights.

The Victorian ‘health officials’ now pretending to be protective of life wanted someone – anyone – to disembowel and decapitate an unborn girl eight years ago. The moral calibre of Mark Hobart’s detractors can be judged by their sick agitprop at the time:

The GP, Catholic pro-life doctor Mark Hobart, does not want to refer women who want abortions to another doctor, which he is required to do under the law.

He recently refused to give a referral to a couple that wanted to abort a 19-week fetus on sex selection grounds, and is under investigation by the Medical Board…

Dr Sally Cockburn, a GP also known as Dr Feelgood, said she was against abortion on sex selection grounds for gender reasons alone.

But she said that in some instances it “may be in the best interests of the patient’s health and well-being”.

Dr Cockburn, who is also a former chairman of Family Planning Victoria and a patron of Marie Stopes International Australia, said it was important to balance a doctor’s rights with a patient’s rights.

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  1. Ivan Denisovich says:

    Abortion charity Marie Stopes changes its name to distance itself from links to eugenics and Nazis

    The world’s two biggest abortion providers – Marie Stopes International and Planned Parenthood International – both have founders linked to eugenics and Nazis. The foul histories of two foul organisations.

  2. C.L. says:

    I hadn’t heard of this good man until yesterday.
    Very obviously, he is a longstanding enemy of the state in Victoria.
    It would be nice if the Archbishop commended and stood alongside him.

  3. Ivan Denisovich says:

    I hadn’t heard of this good man until yesterday

    I read about him in 2013 at Newsweekly. From SMH linked article:

    He said his requests for the identity of his accusers and details of the complaint have been denied by the board.

    Some details filled in:

    AHPRA informed Dr Hobart that some unidentified board members initiated the “Own Motion” against him at a meeting on May 9, with the support of a majority of members who were present.

    In Dr Hobart’s case there was no complaint by a patient nor any allegation of harm to a patient. He is being investigated by the board solely for refusing to refer a woman for a gender-selection abortion of a healthy baby, which polls consistently show most Australians are opposed to.

    Miranda Devine, writing in Melbourne’s Herald Sun (October 5), remarked: “The irony is that Victoria’s abortion laws, among the most extreme in the world, were driven by a bipartisan feminist agenda. Yet now those laws are being used to punish a doctor who refused to participate in the sort of selective abortion of female foetuses which has made girl babies an endangered species in India and other patriarchal societies.”…….

    Dr Hobart is not the only doctor known to have fallen foul of the Medical Board of Victoria over Section 8. Another doctor earlier this year reported that he had been cautioned by the board for comments he had made about Section 8 in an online “conversation” with colleagues, one of whom complained to the board. Again, there was no patient complaint.

    Dr Hobart risks being deregistered by the board and losing his livelihood. The other practitioner who was investigated was cautioned and warned that if he came before the board again the matter would be regarded very seriously.

    Section 8 contravenes Section 14 of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, which states: “14(1) Every person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief.” Section 8 creates the anomalous situation in which medical and health professionals are denied the freedom of conscience guaranteed to all other Victorians by Section 14 of the state’s charter.

    Section 8, by denying doctors the right to freely exercise their professional judgement and by interfering with their obligation to act and give advice in the best interests and for the welfare of their patients, can have far-reaching consequences.

    Often, a woman presents to a doctor with her boyfriend, husband, partner or family members. Sometimes it’s one of these other parties asking for the woman to be referred for an abortion.

    There are many recorded instances in which the pregnant woman is being coerced into the abortion, as is recognised even by Women’s Health Victoria (WHV), which ironically led the campaign for the 2008 abortion act.

    In its 10-Point Plan for Victorian Women’s Health 2010-14, WHV says that “studies in Australia and internationally consistently indicate an emphatic association between partner violence and abortion”……..

    In such a situation, a doctor needs to be able to assess if the woman is depressed, and if her depression is impairing her ability to make a free choice.

    The doctor needs to assess if the first priority is to refer the patient for the treatment of her depression (rather than for an abortion), so that she can make a free decision about her pregnancy.

    The doctor also needs to assess if the patient is being coerced into an abortion and take appropriate action, depending on the level of abuse. If the young woman is also under the age of consent, a doctor has added reason to be concerned.

    However under Victoria’s abortion law, a doctor with a conscientious objection is not even allowed to ask questions in order to make a proper diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment.


  4. Ivan Denisovich says:

    Some gaps filled…

  5. Chris M says:

    Nazis found another Juden! They are happy…

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