Palaszczuk beclowned two days after freedom “rewards”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has warned people on the Gold Coast they may face new restrictions after a second unlinked COVID case was detected in the city in as many days.

There were two new locally acquired cases recorded in Queensland overnight.

One of the cases, from an unknown source, was a fully vaccinated man in his 50s who lives at Carrara at the Gold Coast, and drives an Uber.

Acting Chief Health Officer Peter Aitken said the man had been infectious in the community for three days.

“We’re working through it, but aren’t able to find a clear link to how he’s contracted COVID,” Dr Aitken said.

So Uber has given Queensland a new Public Enemy Number 1 and this time he’s fully “vaccinated.” He caught the virus and has possibly spread the virus. Ergo: the vaccine doesn’t work. A quick visit to the home and Twitter pages of The Courier Mail establishes that the defamers of Duran Raman are studiously keeping the man’s vaxx status out of the headlines.

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7 Responses to Palaszczuk beclowned two days after freedom “rewards”

  1. dover_beach says:

    Beyond the idiocy involved in pretending that the vaxx would stop the spread, I thought we were passed the mind-numbing idiocy of COVID zero now? There is simply no coherent COVID policy within states let alone between states. It’s all COVID theatre with an eye entirely directed by the politics of the moment.

  2. Ed Case says:

    Civil Construction subcontractor in Brisbane told me this morning that he’d recived a text from a builder overnight informing him that only Fully Vaccinated persons will be allowed entry to their sites starting next Monday.

  3. twostix says:

    Given the vaccine passport isn’t available in QLD how will they know if he is or isn’t?

  4. Ed Case says:

    Onus of proof is on the person seeking to gaqn entry to the site.
    All under Duty Of Care, it’s quite legal.
    Cant show Proof?
    On yer way, cobber.

  5. rosie says:

    Mind-numbing idiocy is a Queensland speciality.

  6. dover_beach says:

    Twostix, they’ll want to see the Cwlth COVID certificate.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    They’re just targeting areas with low vax rates. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s not sick.

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