Ssshhh – nobody remind him that he’s now the President

The first Republican ad for next year’s mid-terms has been made. It’s a doozy and a freebie.
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7 Responses to Ssshhh – nobody remind him that he’s now the President

  1. jupes says:

    Oh what a dilemma for the Democrats. Keep this demented fool and lose big time, or replace him with the giggling harridan and lose by even more.

    It looks like even massive fraud won’t save them next time.

  2. FlyingPigs says:

    It is Trump’s fault.

    I have previously declared it for Australia that the top third of every “public service” department should be sacked.

    Trump failed to do that in the USA.

    It would be far cheaper to individually litigate against the lot of them, and pay wrongful dismissal claims, than it is to put up with their fabian/communist bullshit they are imposing on us.

    The good one’s will be rehired anyway.

  3. rosie says:

    What did he say? It sounded like ‘fourtwelve’.

  4. Ed Case says:

    He said petrol is $4.50/gallon in California.
    That’s roughly equivalent to $1.00/litre.
    Joe said that last year on the campaign trail.
    10 years ago US$4.50/ galoon Gas woulda been outlandish, in 2020 it was unremarkable, even in the U.S..
    Bottom line:
    the best amnyone can say about Joe is that he’s out of touch,
    the reality is that he has always been a brainless puppet and now he’s 78 years ol;;d, with another 3 years, 2 months, 10 days left of his First Term.

  5. FlyingPigs says:

    @Ed Case

    and he fixed the supply chain problem months ago,

    and inflation is good for you.

  6. Eyrie says:

    US$4.50 per US gallon (3.84 liters) is around A$1.60 per liter.

  7. Entropy says:

    And their state and federal taxes are nowhere near the excise we have.

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