Calm down, Ernie

You just know she’ll humiliate the Count: First Asian American Muppet Arrives on ‘Sesame Street.’

“Sesame Street” is welcoming its first Asian American Muppet to the neighborhood. Ji-Young, a Korean American 7-year-old who loves playing her electric guitar and skateboarding, will make her debut next week.

Ji-Young won’t just be sharing her love for rock music and tteokbokki, or Korean rice cakes, on the show. She will also play a role in countering anti-Asian bias and harassment at a time of heightened awareness around the issue.

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6 Responses to Calm down, Ernie

  1. Lee says:

    Funny; it never occurred to me that Muppets belonged to any particular “race.”
    Like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse I viewed them as “raceless.”

  2. cuckoo says:

    So she’ll get mugged by their African-American muppet? Or will her father be warding off looters of colour from his convenience store with an AR-15 when Sesame Street explodes in the next race riot?

    who loves playing her electric guitar and skateboarding

    Sounds like they watched the ‘Poochie’ episode of The Simpsons and took it seriously.

  3. Entropy says:

    I thought Koreans were very popular. They certainly are with Mrs and Misses Entropys. It’s a subtitle life.

  4. Rex Anger says:

    I think they have had nominally African-American and nominally Hispanic muppets for some time.

    As if the mere ‘outsider finding their way in a new environment’ trope was not obvious enough to small children.

    But given that Sesame Street has been a case study for child education techniqies since it kicked off some 50 years ago, it was inevitable that someone would turn it towards indoctrination…

  5. cuckoo says:

    But I thought Asians were white now, according to American progressives.

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