PM evacuates Liberals from religious discrimination war

And leaves Christians behind to fend for themselves against the leftist Taliban

FIRSTLY, a dystopia update: from 15 December, an unvaccinated priest in Brisbane will be banned by Archbishop Mark Coleridge from attending a Catholic hospital to administer last rites to a dying patient. From 17 December, that priest can be arrested in situ if he ignores the state ban decreed by the Archbishop’s superior, Annastacia Palaszczuk. And from 1 January 2023, allowing a euthanasia agent into the same Catholic hospital to kill a dying patient will be mandatory. For conscientiously objecting doctors, referring-on an ‘assisted suicide’ will also be mandatory.

Showcasing the Premier’s colossal malevolence, this mafia don’s morality was touted as a generous compromise. If we adjudge an act to be an enormity, facilitating somebody else to do it in our stead is equally heinous and cowardly to boot. I wouldn’t argue Palaszczuk is a dragged-up dolt unaware of this; the protocol may be second best for her but it is designedly vengeful. See also her Hendrik Verwoerd-esque isolation of un-vaxxed kaffirs.

Notwithstanding the attention conservatives and libertarians are understandably affording Daniel Andrews’ pandemic autocracy grab, Queensland’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Act is by far the most egregious assault on religious liberty, personal conscience and property rights now disgracing the Commonwealth. When reports began appearing yesterday that the Federal government’s Religious Discrimination Bill was ready for tabling, many were therefore eager to see an unbridled intention to legislate protections for private hospitals and their staff. The result:

The Coalition has made several amendments to the Religious Discrimination Bill, scrapping the “Folau clause” and removing the ability for health providers to refuse treatment on the basis of “conscientious objection.”

So much for the Prime Minister’s election campaign pledge. He and the LNP are abandoning faith-based institutions to the mercy of state governments whose hostility to them already verges on the violent. The exemption intended to shield doctors from prosecution was dumped “on the grounds,” say Geoff Chambers and Simon Benson, “that people, especially those in regional areas, should be able to access… abortions.” As a consolation prize, the gutted draft retains a surety that recusants cannot be struck off by professional bodies.

The upshot for medicos and future Folaus is they can still be harassed and punished by courts and tribunals but can stay registered in between lynchings. The well-informed Chambers and Benson report that “business groups railed against” the formerly all-encompassing safeguards. One whiff of corporate woke was grapeshot enough to dispirit Attorney-­General Michaelia Cash and her boss. Sir Robert Menzies’ heir, Mark Latham, has slammed this “weak version of the bill.” No promises Scott Morrison makes should ever be believed.

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7 Responses to PM evacuates Liberals from religious discrimination war

  1. Pommyal says:

    Anyone who still believes the bullshit about Scomo being a Christian is totally deluded. He’s obviously a gold medal worthy nest featherer. A sickening bastard. It’s getting harder and harder every day to express my utter contempt for this lying faux Christian. Scum

  2. Lee says:

    Australian politics at all levels is rapidly losing its ethical and moral compass.
    I find it very hard to believe that the PM is a Christian, judging by his actions and statements.
    If ScoMo’s own words were sincere, he believed Cardinal Pell was guilty right up to his High Court appeal at the very least.

    If we adjudge an act to be an enormity …

    It’s not often that I see the word “enormity” used correctly; to define a great crime or sin, instead of incorrectly being used to describe something of very great size or achievement.

  3. Ed Case says:

    Scotty is reflecting the Zeitgeist.
    Right or wrong, Swinging Voters don’t rate Folau and people who want to kill themselves aren’t front of mind either.

  4. Ed Case says:

    To be fair to Scotty, he hasn’t made a big deal of his Calathunpianism.

    Sure, there was that photo before the last election, but it may have had more to do with the Media wishing to portray him as a Bible Basher.
    No one bought it.
    I doubt Christ will be claiming Kevin Rudd on Judgment Day but it didn’t stop the Media from attending his Sunday Morning Presser outside St. John’s Oxford St and playing a very straight bat too, they did.

  5. Chris M says:

    Very sick. Rapidly downhill.

    But at least govmedia can’t complain further about things like the gallows at Melbourne protests because apparently they now revel in killing people. Saves the planet and all seems to be the rationale.

  6. FlyingPigs says:

    Net Zero is NOT about Carbon.

  7. Ivan Denisovich says:

    And from 1 January 2023, allowing a euthanasia agent into the same Catholic hospital to kill a dying patient will be mandatory. For conscientiously objecting doctors, referring-on an ‘assisted suicide’ will also be mandatory.

    Just as Palaszczuk has done here, viciously malevolent leaders Biden and Pelosi in the U.S. are taking their assault on Catholic institutions, the unborn, children, the mentally ill and the elderly to another level:

    The evidence shows that transgender rights and abortion rights are being pursued full throttle. Their success depends on the destruction of religious liberty exemptions put in place by the courts, lawmakers and administrative agencies. More than any other entity, it is Catholic institutions that are under the most severe attack.

    If Biden gets his way, Catholic doctors and hospitals will lose their autonomy. They will either have to shut down or bend to the anti-Catholic norms of his administration. It’s just that serious.

    Currently, no Catholic doctor can be forced to perform gender-transition surgery, and Catholic hospitals can refuse a request by a transgender woman—meaning a woman who claims to be a man—from doing a hysterectomy. Biden wants to change that. He also wants to force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. Not to be outdone, Biden wants to deny Catholic hospitals the right not to hire abortionists, doctors who perform abortions.

    Biden has also invented a new right: the right of “socially infertile” single persons and homosexual couples to receive fertility treatments. His administration actually believes that these people cannot “reproduce via sexual intercourse due to social factors

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