People voting need to bring their own pen or pencil and they need to practice social distancing.”

– In March, 2020, when zero percent of human beings on the planet were vaccinated against covid-19, ravenous for victory Annastacia Palaszczuk disregarded the advice of the then Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia, Paul Kelly, and forced Queenslanders to the polls for local council elections. With more than 80 percent of her state now ‘vaccinated,’ the Premier yesterday described as “reckless” Scott Morrison’s plea for the unvaxxed to be permitted to buy a cup of coffee.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I plan to bring my own texta since I detest the lot of them and I will not allow them to steal my vote. Certainly not in the Reps. And the problem with 12 and exhaust in the Senate, for example, is some lefty in the ballot room can sneakily add a 13 next to their guy and no one would prevent it. So making the ballot completely and unalterably informal is the only way I can ensure I have no moral complicity in the outcome whatsoever.

    The NSW council elections in a couple of weeks will be interesting. Will they allow unvaxed people to vote? And if not will they then fined for not voting?

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