Mr Gunner’s whoppers are laughable but also despicable

NT records one new COVID-19 case. And 80 percent of her community is fully vaccinated.

The new case is a 31-year-old fully vaccinated woman from Robinson River. The woman, a close contact of a previous case, was transferred to Howard Springs on Wednesday and tested positive in quarantine.

Four days ago, it was reported that a fully vaccinated 43-year-old Katherine man had become covid positive. It seems he passed the virus on to three others, recorded the following day. He was also a frequent visitor to Robinson River. So how does Chief Minister Michael Gunner choose to re-write this “fully vaccinated” crisis? He blames the Jews, of course. I beg your pardon; I meant the Abos. Wait, no; he blames the unvaccinated:

The Northern Territory will become the second jurisdiction in Australia to ban unvaccinated arrivals from entering, with only limited exceptions, under sweeping changes to border rules announced on Saturday…

“It makes no sense for Territorians to do the right thing and get the jab only for us to keep letting in people from interstate who have not yet done the right thing,” he said…

Mr Gunner said the current outbreak, stemming from an unvaccinated arrival from Queensland, was a reminder to stay vigilant.

“If we had stopped her from entering the Territory based on her vaccination status or if we had tested her on arrival, there would be no spread of COVID 19,” Mr Gunner said…

“If you’re eligible to be vaccinated, and you are not fully vaccinated, you are no longer welcome in the Territory, no matter where you’re coming from.”

Mr Gunner is falsely and maliciously giving Territorians to understand that only the unvaccinated can infect others and become infected. The Queensland woman’s vaccination status was – and is – epidemiologically irrelevant, as subsequent infections demonstrate. If the Chief Minister is going to ban unvaccinated interstate visitors, he should also ban the ‘vaccinated’ from travelling within the NT while he’s at it. It makes as much sense. And this just in: Mr Gunner is forced to admit the ‘vaccinated’ are carriers:

Changes for fully-vaccinated people entering the Territory were also announced, with Mr Gunner saying those travelling to the NT from hotspots will be able to undergo seven days home quarantine from Monday.

This is under a number of conditions including that they produce a negative test result within 72 hours of arriving in the NT, undergo a rapid antigen test at the point of entry, stay in an area with a high vaccination rate and undergo testing again on days five, eight and 14.

Get the ‘vaccine’ and be safe and free. Total bullshit.

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3 Responses to Mr Gunner’s whoppers are laughable but also despicable

  1. Lee says:

    Looking forward to the Nuremberg #2 trials.

  2. Shy Ted says:

    Only expecting to find one case? Ramp up the cycles. There’ll be as many as you want.

  3. Chris M says:

    Think I heard somewhere drinking beer will stop it.

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