Historical: Democrats who DON’T want to import Africans

Reaction a “storm in a teacup,” says chairwoman of the South African Medical Association.
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4 Responses to Historical: Democrats who DON’T want to import Africans

  1. Lee says:

    Classic example of Biden/Democrat massive double standards.

  2. Chris M says:

    Every mutation is a weakening of the virus.

    This is a blessing.

    The only strengthening is the hype.

  3. Tel says:

    It’s unlikely they will keep the new variant from spreading … in Hong Kong a traveler from South Africa, while quarantined, managed to infect a previously healthy Canadian traveler also serving time in quarantine in a nearby room. Clearly it spreads through the air, and even after two years these quarantine designs leak significantly. Therefore it’s a matter of time before it gets through.

    Same thing happened with the “Delta” variant which managed to get into Australia past all of the “closed borders” and elaborate quarantine theater … only about four weeks after the big outbreak in India.

    Every mutation is a weakening of the virus.

    That’s not what happened with Marek’s disease … each vaccination attempt seemed to bring it under control, until the virus adapted and became stronger, then came right back.


    A temporary travel ban might make sense as a delaying strategy, but they better start planning now for a lot of vaccinated people to get sick. Given that we know the virus mutates fast, it will easily mutate again, because living things adapt to their environment and the majority of available environment for this virus now consists of vaccinated people.

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