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Planet coolers confounded by the sniffles

National cabinet changes iso rule for COVID cases – a day after announcing the previous rule.

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AdBlue: Reality’s Shot Across Our Bows

HAS it ever been easier for governments to avoid responsibility and create scapegoats? As long as the villains are persona non grata to the left – or at least culturally invisible to it – any distraction will do. Want to … Continue reading

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Absent Father Syndrome

Yikes. Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has a paternal vision for your government-owned life.

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Now the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse

As the mental illness of corona-mania speads, the Netherlands plans to mandate SIX shots: The Cabinet is assuming that there will be three booster rounds for Covid-19 vaccines next year, including the current booster campaign, and at least one more … Continue reading

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Mostly Peaceful Arson

Sensible: Aboriginal Tent Embassy activists distance themselves from Old Parliament House fire. There was a small smoking ceremony and that is something that we had agreed on with a lot of the members who were attending each day as part … Continue reading

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Real Men Go To Beijing

ROSS Fitzgerald had an excellent column in The Australian on Monday decrying the psychological and cultural unpreparedness of this generation to be mobilised for war against China over Taiwan in alliance with the United States, Japan and other nations. The … Continue reading

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This ABC-promoted grievance celebrity served her purpose

In November, teacher Stephanie Lentz claimed she was fired for being a lesbian. That was untrue.

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On Vaccines and Theology: A Response to Feser

THE great Edward Feser has posted an excellent summary of where the Catholic Church stands in the Vaccines War and I commend it to anyone interested in the theological issues involved. Solidly orthodox in every respect, the essay has two … Continue reading

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The Uncanny Bee

As Omicron COVID cases continue to surge, the race is on to find a variant-proof vaccine. Democrats Insist That True Vaccines Haven't Been Tried Yet — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) December 26, 2021

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Asked how a meeting with Tutu went, Reagan replied, “so-so”

Agent of change but not lasting stability: South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies aged 90.

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Doxing Day

“I’m on the train to Montreal and they make you wear a yellow sticker to show you’re vaccinated.” On Christmas Eve, The Australian’s most dedicated vaxxer, Jack The Insider, had yet another column – more or less a rearrangement of … Continue reading

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Because there is too much nation in the life of the Church

Mark Steyn notes “there has been a great absence of the Church in the life of the nation.” (Video).

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Cricket Fact Check

Claim: Duncan Huntsdale remembers the famous last stand at the 1982 Boxing Day Test: At the other end was Allan Border. The future captain, “AB” would become Australia’s most dependable batter during the remainder of the decade, but didn’t warrant … Continue reading

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Triumph in New York as vaccines finally flatten the curve

We will win this war with this virus, but we will win it only because we apply the things that we have: the interventions. We are so fortunate that we have a highly effective and safe vaccine. We know what … Continue reading

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Those Maleficent Men In Their Lying Machines

IS Omicron the Christmas miracle a denialist establishment and its media are defiantly refusing to acknowledge? Back in the days of Delta, I pointed out that pandemic apparatchiks were so swiftly running out of unvaccinated people to blame for ‘case … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

From the entire staff here at TCL.

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Even Fauci’s starving torture beagles wouldn’t touch this

Today’s Branch Covidian dog’s breakfast is brought to you by Queensland: There are now 1389 active cases in Queensland, although Mrs D’Ath said hospitalisations remained low. Just three people are in Queensland hospitals with mild to moderate symptoms, which Mrs … Continue reading

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Santa Gets It

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