Revival: Hunting blacks is a thing again up in the Territory

Authorities say the risk posed to the community was “very low.” You don’t say.
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9 Responses to Revival: Hunting blacks is a thing again up in the Territory

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Maybe they’ll use shackles and yokes next. It’s been done before.

  2. C.L. says:

    All three were negative in the first place and tested negative when they were rounded up as well.

    They had every right to “escape.”

  3. Pommyal says:

    Agree CL. They’ve been falsely arrested.
    Where are all the human rights wankers?

  4. Lee says:

    Where are all the human rights wankers?

    Disappeared up their own pretentious fundaments the last two years.

  5. FlyingPigs says:

    Best little bloke I ever met was a young person from south of Broome.

    We are sitting on a bus and he tells me how he’s going to Kerry Packer’s place in the Hunter River region and he figures to win the bull riding prize.

    What really got me in his story is that when I asked why not fly down he said. “too dangerous”.

  6. FlyingPigs says:

    We were traveling from Cairns to Sydney.

  7. jupes says:

    Centre for National Resilience

    It appears George Orwell has been busy naming Australian government facilities.

  8. Tel says:

    Ten years from now, some clever clogs is going to be up on stage apologizing on my behalf … wringing hands about how awful it all was … and demanding I pay extra tax as compensation.

  9. cuckoo says:

    Does it say anywhere that men on horseback stormed in and swept up the fleeing piccaninnies? (As seen in that documentary The rabbit proof fence)

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