Not Worse Than

Oh yeah. I almost forgot how fearful we all were: Morrison eases fears of Omicron variant.

Scott Morrison says early testing has found the Omicron Covid-19 variant to be not worse than the Delta variant.

He means it’s harmless to most human beings on the planet. Harmless.

“I’d really want to encourage everyone to go and get their boosters, this is really important, particularly with Omicron,” he said.

Did he not hear what he just said? It’s not really important at all.

Children are likely to receive a chocolate or ice cream as an incentive to get their vaccination in January, he said.

From an ethical standpoint, only parents could be offered and given an incentive. Children do not belong to the state and cannot be offered inducements by it – least of all to receive an unnecessary drug. That would be grossly immoral and illegal.

Regarding the vaccination of adults, Mr Morrison said Australians came to the party on vaccines…

“I didn’t have to pay them to do it, others thought we’d have to, and I never thought that because they knew it (was) important.”

I didn’t have to pay? I? He actually thinks it’s his money. Whenever a prime minister starts talking about the Treasury like Louis XIV (L’état, c’est moi), he’s about to be voted out. Australians “came to the party” because the states used or threatened to use (actually, the same thing) their monopoly of violence to force them to be injected. It is precisely Mr Morrison’s clever-dick two-timing on this subject that could cost him the next election.

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7 Responses to Not Worse Than

  1. Rockdoctor says:

    Ta across blogs, CL.

    He is playing with fire but we already know he has the judgement of Turnbull. I know a lot of young professionals who have willingly had the vaccine themselves but are wary of vaccines for kids.

    This even if by smoke signal is the enabler for the Premiers to cross that line then that will be the death knell of him. He obviously hasn’t learned from the bushfires the Premiers and especially ALP ones will be blameless in an election year.

  2. C.L. says:

    Good point, Doc.
    He has given he Premiers ample scope to play the angles on this in a very damaging way.

  3. Lee says:

    Scott Morrison says early testing has found the Omicron Covid-19 variant to be not worse than the Delta variant.

    A rather tortuous way of putting it.

    You can bet that if coercing (or bribing) children into being vaxxed backfires, Morrison, not the premiers, will wear all the blame.
    And I for one will have zero sympathy for him.

    When it comes to rat cunning and political nous, Dictator Dan leaves the clueless PM for dead.

  4. dover_beach says:

    I can’t bear to see that meathead anymore.

  5. local oaf says:

    What a despicable scumbag *morrison is. May he rot in Hell, soon!

    * Not a mistake, would be an insult to typography to use a capital letter on that turd.

  6. FlyingPigs says:

    The Hunt extends Australian Border Closures.

  7. Old School Conservative says:

    I watched Morrison’s performance at his photo op in a store with young kids as props.
    My blood was boiling at his hypocricy and smug assumption we will all go along with the kids jab programme.
    The kids didn’t have masks. You idiot Morro they are super spreaders and you let them get away with not wearing masks!
    Not one journalist asked him to explain why kids should get jabbed but not wear masks.
    After all mask wearing is part of “keeping us all safe”, isn’t it?

    Pardon my confusing rambling. This Saxon’s hate is clouding his eloquence.

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