Now it’s the death penalty

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  1. FlyingPigs says:

    Farking unbelievable.

    Lucky we have lawmakers and courts that will never let this happen….

    Oh wait…. too late… silly me.

    The recalcitrant unvaxxed were obviously seeking ‘voluntary’ euthanasia.

  2. FlyingPigs says:


    I was going to write about this American Thinker article and it is well worth reading.

    The Red Pyramid Sets Its Baleful Eye on Us
    By Naya Lekht December 9, 2021

    “Tell me who Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was,” Yura, a character in Vladimir Sorokin’s short story “The Red Pyramid,” asks a man who mysteriously appears at a train station. The stranger responds, “The man who called forth the pyramid of the red roar.” The pyramid, the man continues, is the “source of the endless red roar.” Visible to a select few, it “emits a different kind of sound wave” in order to “infect the world to destroy mankind’s intrinsic structure.”

  3. Old School Conservative says:

    I didn’t have to pay them to do it

    Of course not.
    You just locked them in their houses, took away their jobs, destroyed their businesses, sent old people to their death without loved ones to support their last days, banned people from seeing relatives and friends – but let highly paid footballers and Rebel Wilson do whatever they wanted to do.
    Yes, those are State decisions but you ScoMo enabled it to happen.
    No you didn’t bribe people to get vaccinated. You threatened them instead.

  4. vlad redux says:

    I’ve never been a fan of organ transplantation.

    You get dealt one hand of cards at birth; I’d say play that.

  5. Figjam says:

    My brother is AB negative, and along term blood donor. He asked and was told pure blood was separated from vax blood. I wonder why?
    But they certainly didn’t kock him back.
    He has also withdrawn from the organ donor list, for the interim.
    and that’s going to hurt the vaxees needing replacement hearts.

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