Boosters obsolete

Pablo Escobar of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, says a fourth shot will be needed “sooner than expected.”
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3 Responses to Boosters obsolete

  1. FlyingPigs says:

    A lot easier than getting fentanyl smuggled across the border.

    So much for war on drugs!

  2. Ed Case says:

    Reminds me of that Movie, SBS runs it, where a guy goes into a Meatworks during shutdown to solve the rat problem.
    Anyway, rats are wary, so he leaves grain out for them every night.
    Eventually they accept the grain, then one night he poisons it and they all die except the King Rat and his Grand Vizier.
    He goes fishing with a bit of pork on the hook and eventually reels in the GV, then tracks the King and shoots it.
    Czechoslovakia or Poland, I forget which.

  3. Petros says:

    I think of him more like Bernie Madoff.

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