And it was the state that crossed it

Of course you can say what you don’t like. But when violence comes into play, it’s over. A line has been crossed which we will not tolerate.”

– Premier of Saxony Michael Kretschmer – a convert to lockdown fanaticism – changes his tune on violence after police intercept a politically handy ‘plot’ against him on Telegram

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3 Responses to And it was the state that crossed it

  1. Pommyal says:

    Hopefully people may eventually wake up and realise they are not our masters. They are our servants. They have zero right to dictate. This will continue until people say no. I will not comply.

  2. cuckoo says:

    “Did you bring the, ah, pre-whacked snakes?”

  3. RogerW says:

    ABC article had no actual evidence of a murder plot, just lots of assumptions.
    A bit like dying with covid not of covid?

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