ABC ‘Fact Check’ unit reviews its year of left-wing cope

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5 Responses to ABC ‘Fact Check’ unit reviews its year of left-wing cope

  1. Shy Ted says:

    A big thank you to ABC staff who, for 2 years, have faced certain death and gone to work each day, picking up those fat salaries. No ABC staff were harmed in the making of this giant con.

  2. Not Trampis says:

    Alas CL and the others find out their facts were never facts but says so anyway.

  3. Boambee John says:

    Non Compos Mentis makes another bland assertion. Typical.

  4. Adelagado says:

    Yep, the ABC left no stone unturned…

    “Residents in the northern Chilean city of Iquique spent 287 days under stay-at-home orders.”

    In case you have never heard of Iquique, its a port city with a population of 190,000.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Straight from the Facebook manual of factchecking…

    BOMBSHELL: In court filing, Facebook admits ‘fact checks’ are nothing more than opinion (9 Dec)

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